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What’s with all the earthquakes lately?

October 1, 2009 20

A magnitude 8.3 earthquake strikes the south of Samoa on Tuesday, triggering a tsunami. Then, 16 hours later, another occurs 30 miles off the east coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. What's going on?

Two earthquakes in 24 hours. Coincidence?

October 1, 2009

American Samoa and Indonesia have both had earthquakes in 24 hours and both lie on the so-called Ring of Fire. But is some relationship between the two events? asks Tim Edwards.

Shaking all over: Supershear earthquakes faster and more powerful

August 5, 2009

'Supershear' earthquakes -- the "earthquake equivalent of a sonic boom" -- don't follow traditional fault lines and may occur in normally safe areas.

Crikey Says – 18 July, 2007

July 18, 2007

John Howard yesterday reiterated the Federal Government's commitment to nuclear power, while in Japan, this week's earthquakes led to a fire, leak, and waste spills at a nuclear plant. Just saying.