December, 2016

The 2016 Crikeys: the best and worst of business

, Dec 20, 2016

Another year, another bunch of businesses and businesspeople to live in infamy.

Village Roadshow ‘actively considering’ Dallas Buyers Club piracy case sequel

, Mar 11, 2016

Downloaders beware: Village Roadshow is considering pursuing copyright infringers in the courts, though a similar test case by Dallas Buyers Club was unsuccessful.
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Pirates willing to pay for content: Essential

, Feb 02, 2016

Those who illegally download content are also likely to subscribe to a paid streaming service, like Netflix.
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Govt’s piracy code next to useless, says govt’s own survey

, Jul 22, 2015

In trying to sell its piracy legislation, the government commissioned a survey into whether it would stop piracy. Unfortunately for Malcolm Turnbull, his proposed law is not worth a hill of beans.
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Dallas Buyers Club: how the gays have been co-opted for profit

, Apr 09, 2015

In more ways than one, the depiction of Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club reflects the greed and profiteering of the film's owners.
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Downloaders be warned: Dallas Buyers Club wants your name and address

, Apr 08, 2015

The Federal Court has granted Dallas Buyers Club the right to order ISPs to divulge the names and addresses of people who used BitTorrent to download the 2013 film.
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Essential: no to GST on imports, and our changing TV habits

, Dec 03, 2013

Today's Essential Report shows opposition to reducing the GST threshold for goods purchased online, and looks at how we now view TV and films.
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Aaron Swartz: a martyr for info-freedom fighters?

, Jan 14, 2013

Aaron Swartz was a hacker in every sense of the word. His death -- at just 26 -- is a tragic loss for technology's bright young things and raises questions about the fight for freedom of information on the internet.

When the Dotcom bubble burst, my (legal) Megauploads vanished

, Jan 27, 2012

@rupertmurdoch┬áNo excuses for phone hacking. No argument. No excuses either for copyright stealing, but plenty of ignorant argument! There are no excuses for copyright “stealing” — nor are there excuses for falling for the fallacy of┬áinvincible ignorance. A New Zealand judge denied bail to Kim Dotcom earlier this week, the founder of cyberlocker Megaupload. This […]

Data download: lies, damned lies and piracy reports

, Mar 07, 2011

Illegal downloading will cost the industry over $5 billion by 2016 and "8000 fewer jobs in the core content industries last year", according to a report in Fairfax papers. But that's not telling the whole story.