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Inside Tracey Spicer’s operation to expose the sexual harassment scourge

January 12, 2018 29

Tracey Spicer isn't just the face of the investigation into sexual misconduct: her process is methodical, supportive, and comprehensive.

How accused men are responding to sexual harassment allegations

January 9, 2018 25

Barely a week seems to go by lately without another powerful man accused of sexual harassment and indecent assault. We take a look at the different ways they respond.

The names so far unmentioned in the Don Burke fiasco

December 1, 2017 4

Most of Don Burke’s time at Nine was when the Packers were owners or major shareholders, that's true. But he worked for many others, too.

Razer: equality for women! (But only for those who work in the media, please.)

November 30, 2017 17

The “story” of media sexism has been gorging on its own self-interest for so long, what we have is a culture industry so utterly fixated on its own declining labour conditions, it rarely bothers to report on anybody else’s.

Huff Post Australia staff face cuts … Nine ‘cannot rewrite history’ of Don Burke … Dominating the Walkleys …

Huff Post Australia staff face cuts … Nine ‘cannot rewrite history’ of Don Burke … Dominating the Walkleys …

November 30, 2017 3

Staff at Huff Post Australia will find out today if they've been made redundant after the website announced the end of its joint venture with Fairfax Media.

Why Amanda Pepe kept her story about Don Burke quiet for 30 years

November 29, 2017 24

For 30 years, Amanda Pepe kept quiet about her experience with Don Burke. She tells Crikey why she decided to share her story publicly.

Rebel bans Fairfax … yet more Burke allegations … Washington Post foils sting …

November 29, 2017 2

Actress Rebel Wilson has banned Fairfax from attending events on her current promotional tour, apparently over the Bauer Media defamation case.

How Australia’s strict defamation laws could thwart our ‘Weinstein moment’

November 29, 2017 16

Australia has, notoriously, the most repressive defamation laws in the English-speaking world, writes Michael Bradley.

Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings

November 29, 2017

The Good Doctor, more Don Burke scandals and repeats dominated a fairly dreary night.

Tracy Grimshaw v Don Burke: tabloid host shows her mettle

and November 28, 2017 20

A Current Affair's Tracy Grimshaw showed she's one of TV's best interviewers with last night's showdown against celebrity gardener Don Burke.