January, 2017

Alcoa bail-out opens up a new front in an old culture war

, Jan 20, 2017

The right's insistence on maintaining the Alcoa aluminium smelting plant is reactionary: the greenies want Portland to close, and therefore it must be kept open, writes John Quiggin.

The war of attrition against Abbott’s Green Army

, Dec 05, 2016

Tony Abbott's signature Green Army environment policy will reportedly be stood down to save just over $250 million in this year's MYEFO. Josh Taylor and Harrison Johnstone report.

Stop kidding yourselves we’ll take any climate action

, Dec 05, 2016

The government has ratified the Paris Agreement -- but still has no policies for how to achieve the targets it has signed up to, and the review announced today is unlikely to change that.

Coal fan Frydenberg’s figleaf fluttering in the wind

, Jul 28, 2016

Environment and Energy minister Josh Frydenberg is claiming to be a convert to the cause of renewables but the grim truth is that this government has no interest in meaningful climate action.

Goodbye markets: Where the parties stand on climate change

, Jun 22, 2016

While climate change has been virtually ignored in the election campaign, Australia looks to be headed for a far more interventionist approach to carbon abatement.

Chainsaw gets chopped down, but more climate quarrels beckon

, Dec 15, 2015

The failed defection of Ian Macfarlane is a win for Malcolm Turnbull but will exacerbate what will be a difficult relationship with the Nationals over climate policy.

Voter shifts put pressure on Turnbull’s unheroic targets

, Nov 30, 2015

The government knows it is entering the Paris climate conference with an underwhelming emissions target. And we still don't know how it will be achieved.

Three cheers for our failing economy!

, Nov 18, 2015

Greg Hunt has said Australia has met its emissions target already. The only problem is that we have met it because our economy is circling the drain ...
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Meet the govt climate sceptics who have Turnbull by the short’n’curlies

, Nov 04, 2015

Almost four in five Australians believe climate change is happening, but in Parliament, dinosaurs still rule the Earth.
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Rundle: Direct Action puts Australia in the ‘arseholes club’ of climate policy

, Nov 02, 2015

Australia is the worst performer on climate action in the industrialised world.