October, 2015

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Tips and rumours

, Oct 09, 2015

Turnbull's flip-flopping ... are we going to the polls? ... anyone want a dinosaur? ...
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Maverick or political dinosaur? A weekend with Clive Palmer

, Jun 30, 2014

Clive Palmer was in fine form at his Fairfax Festival Weekend, spouting folksy wisdom and avoiding tricky questions. Freelance journalist James Rose was there to experience the madness.

Kimberley: jurassic-type thinking on heritage listing that isn’t

, Sep 01, 2011

The supposed heritage listing for the West Kimberley has some rather large holes in it, writes Crikey naturalist Lionel Elmore.
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The Small Achievement Awards

, Nov 02, 2009

And the nominees are...

Dinosaurs wiped out. Again.

, Nov 01, 2009

It's Pluto all over again: a third of identified dinosaur species may be scrapped as scientists discover they aren't distinct species at all -- just other known species at different ages.