July, 2017

Channel Nine under fire for cutting local news in Darwin

, Jul 12, 2017

Channel Nine will no longer produce Darwin's 6pm bulletin locally, leaving the ABC's bulletin as the only locally produced TV news in the Top End capital.
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Media briefs: filth cities … Diana’s ghost speaks … News Corp loan …

, Oct 30, 2013

The NT News is taking Darwin's omission from Lonely Planet's 10 best cities list rather poorly. Plus other snippets of the day.
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Will America park its drones on our lawn? Military men talk options

, Jul 26, 2013

Congressional hearings in Washington have revealed the US military is openly canvassing hosting controversial unmanned aircraft in the region -- including at Australian bases.
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All the way with the USA? How Darwin received its US troops

, Nov 09, 2012

When the "enduring presence" of US marines in Darwin was announced locals were too giddy by Obama's presence to question it. Justin Tutty from BaseWatch examines what happened when they arrived.
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Letters from detention: in the test match of life, Howard’s the batsman

, Nov 04, 2010

The sporting dreams of teenage boys can often be fairly predictable. But what about the dreams of Hazara boys awaiting their application for asylum? In letters to Crikey, they still aspire to sporting glory, but it's John Howard, not a sporting rival, that they dream of beating.

The Swamp Jockeys reunion: live at the Darwin Railway Club

, Nov 01, 2010

The Swamp Jockeys are part of that great tradition of Australian bands that play for the sheer fun of it. In their day they were right up there with the best pub-rock in the country and Bob Gosford was at the reunion concert at Darwin Railway Club, strumming his fingers and standing on the beer soaked carpet.
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Next stop, the Darwin Airport Motel: home to 150 asylum seeker teens

, Sep 13, 2010

There are around 150 boys aged 14 to 17 currently locked up in the Darwin Airport Motel who have not left the building since April. Pamela Curr went to visit them.

Gerry Woods saves “peace, order and good government” in the NT

, Aug 14, 2009

In a busy day up north, Alison Anderson has resigned from NT parliament and independent Gerry Wood has saved the Labor government. Bob Gosford and David Curl discuss the latest developments.
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Branding Australian cities: pride of place or pointless PR?

, Jul 23, 2009

Big news in Melbourne today: Mayor Robert Doyle has spent $240,000 on a new logo for the city. But is it any good? We compare and contrast with other city brands from around this wide brown land.
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“Bad luck” NT court decision: white defendant, black victim

, Jun 24, 2009

The plight of the Aboriginal person in the Northern Territory legal system is truly awful -- and that goes for victims of crime as well as defendants.