August, 2016

Rundle: New Romantic snuff films and the nihilism of modern terrorists

, Aug 11, 2016

The dividing line of terrorism runs through the global Islamic State movement -- not around it. A must-read Crikey essay.

Rundle: the dogs of war are off the leash

, Nov 26, 2015

Perhaps you have not noticed, but there is already a war on. And there will be more.

How the West can defeat Islamic State

, Nov 18, 2015

From unilateral military action to involving Syria and Russia, there are numerous theories as to the best way to defeat the terrorist threat of Islamic State.
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All your ISIS are belong to us: we’re fighting terrorism with bad Google translations

, Sep 23, 2015

A Twitter account counteracting the lies propagated by Islamic State sounds useful -- except the tweets are gobbledygook. Freelance journalist Jason Murphy explains.
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Tips and rumours

, Sep 11, 2015

Will we help Syria's gay refugees? ... charities commisison safe, for now ... pizza on the menu ...
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What really went on at Brandis’ terror talkfest

, Jun 16, 2015

The bluster of stuffy ministers was all the cameras showed. What you may have missed was the diligent, entrepreneurial work of savvy hackers.
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‘The end of the Middle East’: with IS closing in, Jordan on the brink

, Jun 09, 2015

Jordan shares land borders with Syria and Iraq and is struggling to deal with the war. But things might get even worse if the Islamic State decides to try to expand its caliphate, writes freelance journalist Tim Robertson.
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How the Western media supports terrorism

, Mar 26, 2015

Daesh supporters post gruesome photographs on social media to spread propaganda. And the Western media have been very willing to help out with that.
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War, what is it good for? Employment for the counter-terrorism crowd

, Mar 18, 2015

What ever would those employed by the counter-terrorism industry do if peace were to break out for good?
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Rundle: IS’ — and capitalism’s — worst crime is the destruction of culture

, Mar 13, 2015

IS' barbarism has shocked the world. But its most horrific crime has been the destruction of our common heritage. And the almighty dollar has done that even more effectively.