November, 2014

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Dateline purge as SBS hunts down traitors and dissidents

, Nov 19, 2014

Dateline's 25-strong team will be reduced to a handful of permanent positions as the program moves to a half-hour format in 2015. Staff were told they wouldn't be needed next year in one-on-one meetings yesterday.

Dateline worth saving

, Nov 19, 2014

Crikey readers talk Dateline and India's troubling human rights record.

The dirty tactics of TV news

, Jul 25, 2012

Crikey readers have their say.
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TV current affairs hack: why we’re bastards to grieving families

, Jul 24, 2012

The controversy surrounding the treatment of the family of 13-year-old Molly Lord ignites new debate on media ethics. A former TV current affairs reporter explains why they do what they do.

Last night’s TV ratings

, Dec 07, 2007

A blow-by-blow account of last night's primetime TV ratings battle.

Switching off the 6pm news

, Dec 06, 2007

Viewer are switching off the 6pm news bulletins on Seven and Nine and their 6.30pm "current affairs" programs, and the ABC is the chief beneficiary, writes Glenn Dyer.