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Is Germany building a case to charge Australian ministers for crimes against humanity?

March 9, 2018 22

With calls for the ICC to investigate the Australian government going unheard, some are looking to a far-reaching code that gives the German judiciary the ability to prosecute crimes against humanity, even if they have no relation to the country.

France’s angel of death talks tough on Iran

September 18, 2007

Bernard Kouchner, founder of Medicin Sans Frontieres and now French Foreign Minister, has announced that the world should prepare for war with Iran and that "we will not allow a nuclear weapon to be built".

Extradition case puts our war crimes record back in the spotlight

September 5, 2007

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre has seen red over the High Court's decision to hear case of Charles Zentai -- an 85-year-old Hungarian migrant accused of war crimes during WW2 -- pointing to Australia's sorry track record when it comes to extradition of alleged war criminals.

Happy birthday Mr Prime Minister!

July 25, 2007

Tomorrow is a very special day, the PM's 68th birthday. So, happy birthday Mr Prime Minister! We asked around for some gift ideas ... what do you give the man who can apply the corporations power to everything?