November, 2012

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Shutting the school gate on God: a teacher’s view

, Nov 19, 2012

The controversial "chaplains in schools" program split one Victorian state high school, as teacher Chris Fotinopoulos reports. He asked the students what they thought of religion in school.

Coming to grips with the trauma that is, in reality, news

, Apr 13, 2011

I kept telling myself that I wasn’t the first journalist to experience trauma. And that this certainly wasn’t going to be the last time, writes Erdem Koc, who teaches journalism at La Trobe University.

The regulation of counselling

, Apr 06, 2010

With the recent media and government focus on the regulation of counselling and psychotherapy, we thought it timely to learn what these terms actually mean. Psychologist Stephen Andrew and Psychotherapist Zoë Krupka explain.

The painful world of IVF addicts

, Jan 18, 2010

IVF holds only a slim chance of actually making a female pregnant. So, what happens when a woman's desperation is mixed with a costly medical procedure? asks Mia Freedman.