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Daily Mail responds to court action … Facebook privacy investigation … Fox loses its grip …

April 6, 2018 1

Australia has launched its own investigation into Facebook's use of data, following a backlash against the social media giant.

Clive Hamilton book cover gets its own mini-controversy

March 1, 2018

The cover of last week's Saturday Age Insight section took more than a little inspiration from a book designer's work, the paper has admitted.

Has file sharing really destroyed the film industry?

Has file sharing really destroyed the film industry?

August 30, 2017 5

The copyright industry warned us that filesharing would destroy cinema. Turns out, they were slightly off-beam.

What Business Insider’s rambling hatchet job gets wrong about my work on copyright

August 28, 2017

A recent piece in Business Insider insults Rebecca Giblin's academic integrity. Here is where it goes so horribly wrong.

Should you be worried about Fairfax and News Corp’s ridiculous new copyright scheme?

August 16, 2017 3

Fairfax and News Corp are two of quite a few media organisations to have signed up to a new "free and open licence" for content. But as freelance journalist Asher Wolf writes, the new arrangement is neither free nor open.

Media heavies get Fifield’s ear, consumer groups left out

August 3, 2017 6

Media groups featured heavily in the list of people first getting to meet with Communications Minister Mitch Fifield, but tech companies were not.

Fairfax sued for defo … Mark Day starts retirement with a catch … writers reject copyright changes

Fairfax sued for defo … Mark Day starts retirement with a catch … writers reject copyright changes

June 14, 2017 1

Comings and goings in the Australian media. And other media tidbits of the day.

Foxtel and News Corp want Google to block piracy sites

March 29, 2017 1

Google and Facebook should have to censor websites hosting copyright-infringing content, according to Foxtel and News Corp.

Fingerprints: the Oz’s campaign against changes to the Copyright Act

Fingerprints: the Oz’s campaign against changes to the Copyright Act

March 17, 2017 1

The Australian is campaigning against safe harbour changes to copyright law. But why?

Plebiscites and copyright

August 30, 2016 3

Crikey readers discuss yesterday's edition.

First group new parliament disappoints: the blind

August 29, 2016 1

The government has delayed introducing legislative changes that would make it easier for blind people to access braille books.

Disagreeing on copyright

August 19, 2016 1

Crikey readers discuss the previous day's issue.

Kim Williams’ dystopian nightmare of the future of copyright

August 18, 2016 2

The current copyright scheme is just fine, says Kim Williams.

Music industry seeks to block non-existent KickAss piracy site

July 22, 2016

Popular torrents website Kick Ass is dead. But the Australian music industry is suing anyway.

Greens backflip on copyright policy

June 8, 2016 3

The Greens introduced a bill in favour of fair use exceptions in 2013. But it seems they no longer are keen on changing copyright law.

Fifield soothes the histrionic copyright industry: don’t worry, ridiculous laws will remain

May 26, 2016 2

The Productivity Commission suggested our copyright laws might be a smidge outdated. The copyright industry, as always, bugged out.

End onerous copyright restrictions, urges PC

April 29, 2016 4

The Productivity Commission says there is no reason geoblocking should be illegal.

‘A nightmare’: ABC archives at risk as copyright concerns hamper digitisation

January 25, 2016 6

Copyright laws mean some of Australia's cultural history might disappear forever.

The year Australia declared war on the internet

December 22, 2015 9

We might now be agile and disruptive, but in 2015 the Australian government circumscribed Australians' online life more than ever before.

A step closer to more books for the vision impaired

December 16, 2015 1

Australia has finally ratified a treaty that will make it much easier for blind and low-vision people to access books in braille, large print or audio book formats.