March, 2013

Minimalist media reform that only starts the job

, Mar 13, 2013

Some expected Stephen Conroy to do nothing on media reform in an election year. He's done something -- but it's not much, and it may not pass Parliament anyway. The government's minimalist approach fails to address convergence.
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Government’s media reform package plays it (very) safe

, Mar 12, 2013

Labor has finally delivered a blueprint on media reform. But there's not much to it, and it wants Parliament to pass it immediately. Stephen Conroy, frustrated by delays, is betting big.
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Media ownership: ‘controlling the news’ in a fragmenting industry

, Feb 28, 2013

Media ownership is a notoriously difficult issue -- both for politicians and the press. Bernard Keane explains why governments today face challenges their predecessors didn't have to deal with.
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Media, cultural policy: pieces of the puzzle not in place

, Dec 07, 2012

Australia is entering a "convergent media policy moment", according to academic Terry Flew. How will the various pieces of the cultural puzzle fit together on this difficult issue?

What we know the government thinks on media regulation

, Oct 25, 2012

Time is ticking for the government to act on media regulation. There's plenty of talk inside the government but nothing concrete is emerging. Could it all be too hard?

Facebook at centre of convergence

, Aug 09, 2012

There'll be growing pressure on governments to regulate social media like traditional media as more Australians use it. But Tony Abbott and the Coalition seem lost on the issue.

News Ltd versus Gillard: a tale of two letters

, Jul 27, 2012

Yesterday, Bernard Keane untangled some of the false arguments behind opposition to a public interest test for media ownership. Today, David Salter reviews the parallel campaign against content regulation.

Williams on media regs: rhetoric replaces logic and the law

, Jul 19, 2012

Kim Williams' speech dealing with media regulation were so utterly cack-handed, writes David Salter, veteran journalist and former Media Watch executive producer.
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Conroy making history with public interest test

, Jul 04, 2012

If the Gillard government stares down the nation's media bosses and introduces a public interest test for media ownership that's tough, effective and free from political interference, it will be the first government in the world to do so.

Media CEOs’ letter to government: ‘danger to free speech’

, Jul 04, 2012

Media company CEOs have written to the government expressing concern about media regulation. Crikey has obtained the unpublished letter ...