October, 2010

Generation gap over Twiggy’s indigenous jobs campaign

, Oct 29, 2010

Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest's GenerationOne movement is a "pernicious smokescreen" which will not further the rights of Aboriginal people, says an anti-NT intervention group opposed to the campaign.
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Slavery returns to Top End

, Oct 20, 2010

Today, workers at the small townships of Kalkaringi and Dagaragu in the Victoria River district of the Northern Territory will be out on strike over their pay and conditions. As Bob Gosford reports, it's a case of history repeating.

Part five: money, power and uncertainty in a disadvantaged town

, Apr 07, 2010

In the fifth and final chapter in a special report into the family feud in the indigenous Noongar community, Kayt Davies sums up an enduring environment of unemployment, disadvantage and race-fuelled tension.

Hope and concern jostle as times change for CDEPs

, Jul 01, 2009

The East Kimberley CDEP is bracing for the awkward fallout of change, writes Kayt Davies.

How the NT intervention will devastate one East Arnhem community

, Oct 02, 2007

I would guess that there are few people who have even a moderate understanding of the breadth of the impact that the intervention is going to have on the East Arnhem population, writes John Greatorex of the Intervention Reform Coalition of Darwin.

The Northern Territory: where you can buy cars before bread

, Sep 10, 2007

It seems that life under Brough and Howard’s NT intervention will be very much like the old Mission and Government Settlement days—no doubt with white picket fence and all, writes Henri Ivrey.

Goodbye Aboriginal workers, hullo KPMG

, Aug 30, 2007

It’s hard to work out where Brough and Howard are going with their strategy in the Northern Territory. The feds appear desperate to lock in parts of the occupation, especially the bit that will see the abolition of the Community Development Employment Program and the effective sacking of Aboriginal people from the workforce.