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Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

July 24, 2014 4

Connections between GP co-payment idea and Liberal money ... Movements in inner-Melbourne's left ... Queen Elizabeth reigns over awkwardness ...

Sorry (yawn), boss, but there’s sport to watch

Sorry (yawn), boss, but there’s sport to watch

July 7, 2014 3

The World Cup, Wimbledon and soon the Commonwealth Games have Australian sport fans up at all hours. Are we losing anything apart from sleep? Freelance writer (and avid World Cup watcher) Hari Raj reports.

Is it time to lay the Games to rest?

October 15, 2010

New Delhi citizens had high hopes for the Commonwealth Games and were bitterly disappointed with its lackluster turnout. Business has been bad across the board, prompting Andy Bull to ask: is it time to declare the Games dead?

Health-care professionals dudded by the no-pay Games

October 12, 2010 1

Unless our health professionals are paid to attend Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games, the best personnel will stay at home writes Mark Alexander, a lecturer at La Trobe University and manager of the postgraduate master of sports physiotherapy program.

Delhi in lockdown as the Games begin

October 4, 2010

A colourful opening ceremony and the obligatory ribbon-cutting introductory remarks from royalty have kicked off this year's Commonwealth Games. New Delhi remains in lockdown, the city's police commissioner promising that security will be "foolproof."

Commonwealth shame — why the Indian Games should go private

September 27, 2010

New Delhi's turn to host the Commonwealth Games was supposed to showcase India on the world stage. Instead, the build up has been plagued with problems. An efficient private sector should be running the games, not the Indian government, writes Salil Tripathi.

Commonwealth Games: why New Delhi has no excuse

Commonwealth Games: why New Delhi has no excuse

September 23, 2010 5

There is no excuse for large-scale sporting events to fail. Sure, there can be security issues, but there is no good reason why Indian organisers should fail in their fundamental duties, writes Naomi Levin.

A blocked toilet? Oh the horror

A blocked toilet? Oh the horror

September 23, 2010

We had a whole editorial written but then we saw this reader comment on our website, and thought, well, that says it all really...

Delhi’s Commonwealth Games fiasco

September 23, 2010 18

Crikey Media Wrap: A bridge collapse is the latest event in a flood of negative press for the already beleaguered Commonwealth Games organisers. And the hyperbolic headlines are running hot.

The China syndrome

The China syndrome

August 4, 2010 2

If there is one lesson to be learned from a study of capitalism, it is that competition eventually finds a way of breaking through.