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Turnbull isn’t the problem. Liberal Party politics are the problem.

April 9, 2018 28

Since 2007, a working majority of the population has been centre-left shifted, and the Coalition has repeatedly failed to grasp that fact.

Open war erupts between Turnbull and Joyce

February 16, 2018 65

Canberra has been left stunned by Barnaby Joyce's unprecedented savaging of his own Prime Minister, which leaves the Coalition, and this government, in tatters.

Scott Morrison is cooking up porkie pies for Christmas

December 19, 2017 13

Budget on track to return to balance? Not bloody likely.

Volatile Bennelong could blow up in Coalition’s face

and December 15, 2017 10

If Alexander loses, all bets are off.

Could Dastyari help keep Keneally out of Bennelong?

December 5, 2017 32

Dastyari is a walking crisis, and he isn't just derailing Labor's efforts to keep pressure on what should be an unraveling government; he's throwing its chances in Bennelong into doubt.

A respite in New England for Turnbull, but is it the circuit breaker he needs?

December 4, 2017 12

The trend of Australian leadership spills and swings proves that even the most innocent of byelections can bring down a government, writes political commentator Tony Walker.

Government cynically seeks asylum from the judiciary when it comes to refugees

August 29, 2017 22

The government's recent announcement that the few asylum seekers on Australian soil will have their support cut off seems needlessly cruel. But it is actually part of a considered plan to avoid judicial responsibility.

Quotas, WhatsApp: the troubled future of the Coalition’s sorority

August 28, 2017 13

There are fewer female Coalition MPs than there have been for a generation. Paula Matthewson investigates how to change this unrepresentative old boys' club.

LEAKED: transcript of Liberal party room marriage equality debate

August 8, 2017 6

Things have been confusing and tense and juvenile this week.

Poll Bludger: census results deliver electoral omen of doom for Turnbull

June 28, 2017 3

The census figures highlight a number of worrying demographic trends for the Coalition.