October, 2016

Wonder why the Coalition dislikes renewables so much?

, Oct 03, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull says he has lots of solar panels. But the Coalition's hatred of renewable energy isn't so much about personal views as about the cash.

Debunking the ‘coal will rescue the world from poverty’ lie

, Dec 14, 2015

The claim that coal is crucial to rescuing hundreds of millions of people in developing countries from poverty is now a key argument of the coal industry. It's a lie.
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The coal, hard truth: Chinese steel is the canary in the mine

, Aug 31, 2015

The rise of cleaner energy sources adds a structural element to the ongoing downturn in demand for coal.

Business bites: coal companies fall … Twitter stalls … Suncorp’s gall …

, Aug 04, 2015

Coal companies are going bankrupt across the US. And other business tidbits of the day.
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Essential: Abbott won’t last as leader, and changing climate views

, Dec 16, 2014

Voters don't believe Tony Abbott will be around the lead the Coalition at the next election, today's Essential Report suggests, as the government ends the year trailing Labor.
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While superpowers act on climate, Australia and India poised to double down on coal

, Nov 13, 2014

Indian company Adani is the last man standing in the Galilee Basin -- and it looks like approval for a giant mine there is all but assured.
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China and US in trade tug-of-war, with Australia stuck in the middle

, Oct 14, 2014

China's push for a new, World Bank-style global institution, along with its decision to reintroduce tariffs on coal imports, has wedged Australia into a precarious position.
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Tips and rumours

, Apr 23, 2014

Jewish links to parliament ... Will and Kate, is it OK to take pics of Uluru? ... unique O'Farrell protest ...
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Yanzhou walks, taking our foreign investment credibility with it

, Mar 25, 2014

After successfully lobbying to overturn the conditions of its foreign investment approval, Chinese coal major Yanzhou has abandoned its takeover of Yancoal, Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane write.
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Crikey Clarifier: why is the Great Barrier Reef in danger?

, May 09, 2013

UNESCO has held off putting the Great Barrier Reef on its endangered list -- for now. Crikey intern Sasha Petrova finds out why the reef's in trouble and what the next steps are.