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What does it take to be a Sydney Institute expert?

July 16, 2013

Crikey readers have their say on climate experts, the Chinese economy and Kevin Rudd's class warfare.

ABC climate doco producer fights back: ‘climate deniers aren’t mad, they’re human’

April 27, 2012 43

Climate deniers are not mad, they are human. And the sooner you begin to engage with them rather than dismiss them, the better chance you may have of bringing a few along with you, writes Simon Nasht, producer of ABC doco I Can Change Your Mind About Climate.

Memo to Clive Hamilton: environmentalism is now mainstream

Memo to Clive Hamilton: environmentalism is now mainstream

February 23, 2011 27

Just like the far-left elements of the Labor Party and some of the Australian Greens, Clive Hamilton is simply feeling cast adrift because environmentalism is now mainstream, writes blogger Drag0nista.

No sex, no YouTube, no Facebook — Conroy’s still watching you

May 10, 2010

Stephen Conroy's controversial internet filter has been placed on the backburner in the hope that it won't become a major election issue. But stay alert, writes Ross Fitzgerald, the internet filter will come back even more draconian than ever.

Balance without judgement: your ABC

March 2, 2010 164

The ABC continues its habit of "balancing" mainstream climate science with the views of bloggers and professional denialists rather than climate scientists.

Your timing’s off, Costello: an odd time for Liberal triumphalism

December 16, 2009 3

It's fine to celebrate one's victories, but the Liberals (and Peter Costello) are in danger of misunderstanding, and therefore systematically underestimating, the threat from the Greens.

Costello: How the Greens — and their preachy superior activism — fluffed Higgins

December 16, 2009

The media thought the Greens had the Higgins stitched up: no Labor candidate, lots of climate change talk, Libs leadership spill. Too bad the zealous morally superior Greens underestimated the intelligence of the electorate, says departed Higgins MP Peter Costello.

Hamilton: Lessons learnt from running in Higgins

December 8, 2009 22

The Greens' candidate in the weekend's Higgins by-election, Clive Hamilton, reflects on the successes and failures of his climate change-focussed campaign.

The Oz has been sipping Abbott’s kool-aid

December 7, 2009 13

The Australian's commentators were out in force this morning to announce the return of the Abbott through the city gates -- shouting heahs and hosannas, with Dennis Shanahan back in his happy place.

It’s getting hot in here: climate change an issue in Higgins and Bradfield?

It’s getting hot in here: climate change an issue in Higgins and Bradfield?

December 4, 2009 5

So how will Tony Abbott's ascension this week affect the green vote in the Higgins and Bradfield by-elections this weekend? Apart from voxpopping the streets of Malvern and sniffing round the food court of Chatswood Chase, it's hard to say.