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Tag archives: climate change

Crikey Worm: secret dual citizens put on notice

Max Chalmers November 7, 2017

Good morning, early birds. The Prime Minister has finally moved to put an end to the dual citizenship scandal undermining his government, and 2017 now tipped to be the third hottest year on record. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Salmon giant Tassal needs to admit it’s losing the war on climate change

Stephen Mayne October 24, 2017 13 Comments

Tasmanian salmon farming giant Tassal has been beleaguered by falling domestic prices and environmental negligence. What can the giant do to mend its ways?

Rundle: Howard and Abbott are delusional, self-indulgent, climate-denying throwbacks

Guy Rundle October 12, 2017 72 Comments

When you imagine the level of rage that Tony Abbott must be living with, the "climate change is good" speech makes perfect sense.

Tony Abbott’s 17 different core climate change beliefs

Bernard Keane October 11, 2017 33 Comments

Keeping track of Tony Abbott's views on climate change can be a tough task. So we've assembled the most comprehensive list of climate positions since the days of Julius Caesar and Jesus of Nazareth.

Climate change could be making in-flight turbulence a whole lot worse

Ben Sandilands October 10, 2017

Increasing air temperatures, attributable to climate change, mean more violent and harmful air turbulence, a new report has found.

Ghost of Abbott haunts Clean Energy Target retreat

Bernard Keane October 10, 2017 25 Comments

The government is banking on using energy policy to differentiate itself from Labor -- but Tony Abbott continues to complicate the issue.

Crikey Worm: Abbott believes in climate change, says it’s probably good though

Max Chalmers October 10, 2017

Erstwhile prime minister and globetrotting guest lecturer Tony Abbott has extolled the benefits of climate change at a gathering of "climate sceptics". Plus, the government has admitted a national security contractor was hacked last year. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Yale Diary: fighting climate change in the elite liberal bubble

Bhakthi Puvanenthiran October 4, 2017 3 Comments

Blind, abiding faith in the American system is well and truly alive in some circles writes Emma Shortis in this new regular column: Yale Diary.

‘Clean coal’ is a lie straight out of the Orwellian playbook

Crikey September 18, 2017 11 Comments

Despite the dire warning of climate scientists, underpinned by the current spate of extreme weather events around the world, the government appears to be bent on promoting coal-fired power generation, writes Earth and Paleo-climate scientist Andrew Glikson.

Don’t mention the climate: what’s missing from Houston floods reporting

Don’t mention the climate: what’s missing from Houston floods reporting

Crikey September 4, 2017 4 Comments

Media reports like the phrase "once in 50 years" to describe catastrophic weather events. But as earth and paleoclimate scientistDr Andrew Glikson writes, those events are no longer rare. And we know why.