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Abbott’s adviser hates wind farms, doubts climate change

Abbott’s adviser hates wind farms, doubts climate change

January 29, 2013 37

Tony Abbott's latest Coalition policy statement remains short on climate policy detail. More worrying is his selection of a noted anti-wind farm advocate and climate change sceptic as lead business adviser.

Hamilton: a new brand of environmental radicalism

February 22, 2011 53

While environmentalism has had some very substantial successes, all of the gains are now jeopardised. No one ever achieved radical social change by being respectable.

When will Australia catch on to China’s clean energy drive?

August 19, 2010 1

The truth is that Labor's and the Coalition's climate change policies are already falling behind China and other major emitter., write Erwin Jackson and Will McGoldrick from The Climate Institute.

Crikey Policy Comparison Part 6: Climate change (with Kyoto updates!)

October 30, 2007 2

A recent Climate Institute survey reports that two thirds of voters surveyed in marginal seats say climate change will affect their vote. Here's a comprehensive and up to date rundown of the two major parties on the issue. And of course, there's a third party that have been jumping up and down about this subject for much longer than the two major parties -- we've included The Greens below too.

Kilgour: Best to save the planet before we bank the tax cuts

October 22, 2007

Campaign week one went straight to the hip pocket. Tax cuts and affordable housing. But those two policies will be meaningless if immediate action on climate change is ignored, writes Adam Kilgour.

State of the planet

July 5, 2007

Human greed takes lion's share of solar energy ... Climate change seen as factor behind disappearance of Chilean lake ... Climate change policies are ineffective, say businesses ... Eucalypt genome to be sequenced ... Biofuel demand to push up food prices.