December, 2009

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Bernard Keane’s guide to writing to Ministers

, Dec 16, 2009

Want to vent your fury about net censorship? Bernard Keane offers some tips for making your correspondence to your local MP as painful as possible, drawn from his sordid, blood-soaked and adventure-filled time as a public servant.

Ben Naparstek in Monthly kill fee drama

, Nov 24, 2009

A nasty stoush has erupted between The Monthly magazine and freelance correspondent Eric Ellis, with legal threats being thrown by both sides after a commissioned article was spiked.

Kyle and Jackie O’s live lie detector test goes very wrong

, Jul 29, 2009

A 14-year-old girl disclosed live on air this morning that she was raped at the age of 12, during 2Day FM's Kyle and Jackie O breakfast show.

Crikey Roadtest: the Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves

, Jun 11, 2009

Crikey road tests the cult product: the snuggie. Can it handle smoking, gambling and buying coffee?

How Windschuttle swallowed a hoax to publish a fake story in Quadrant

, Jan 06, 2009

Keith Windschuttle, the editor of the conservative magazine Quadrant, has been taken in by a hoax intended to show that he will print outrageous propositions, providing they flatter his ideological preconceptions, reports Margaret Simons.

NT intervention leak: a year on, it’s a shambles

, Jun 18, 2008

Crikey has been leaked a weekly progress report on the Northern Territory Intervention. Progress is slow. And costly. Sophie Black reports.

CMC allegations of relationship between Beattie and Rose

, Jun 13, 2008

The Queensland Opposition has referred serious allegations to the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission, writes Bernard Keane.

US08: Wondering where America’s at from the Extended Stay Hotel

, Jan 24, 2008

No candidate can do what politicians used to do – give an account of how things work, whether that be class struggle, or king and country, or whatever – which connects to what should be done. Thus the strange feeling – energy with nowehere to go – of last night's Obama "Stand For Change" rally, writes Guy Rundle in South Carolina.

Without a leg to stand on: hating Heather Mills

, Nov 02, 2007

All London is revelling in the deep, deep tissue massage of loathing Heather Mills McCartney, following that bizarre breakfast TV interview, writes Guy Rundle.

Jesus was a sand nigger. Deal with it

, Aug 30, 2007

Christianity (like Judaism and Islam) is a Middle Eastern religion. And Jesus was a Middle Easterner. Yet for some reason, the tabloids are getting very upset over an entry to an art prize. One that shows Jesus' mum in traditional arab garb.