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Tag archives: citizenship

Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink. You’ll miss another crisis.

Bernard Keane November 14, 2017 43 Comments

Federal politics is now so chaotic it may be time to think about writing off the 45th parliament altogether.

Now showing: Citizenship Crisis. Coming soon in 2018: Liberal Leadership Troubles.

Bernard Keane November 9, 2017 17 Comments

The possible consequences of the citizenship debacle now encompass an early election and, therefore, leadership options for the government. Malcolm Turnbull must be tearing his hair out.

Turnbull’s faux-audit not the temporary fix he desperately needs

Bernard Keane November 7, 2017 48 Comments

The Prime Minister's judgment deserted him on the citizenship issue -- a problem not helped by his tendency to paint himself into corners with his own rhetoric.

Media hounds bay for blood over section 44, to their (and our) detriment

Christopher Warren November 6, 2017 33 Comments

The hysteria over section 44 among journalists and politicians is the farce of the revival of nativism that has shaped so much of media and political discourse.

We are now numb to a government that has normalised chaos

Bernard Keane November 3, 2017 64 Comments

The actions of Stephen Parry betray something deeply wrong within the Turnbull government -- but the PM is too weak to take action.

Rue Britannia: secret Englishman Parry should bugger off

Bernard Keane November 1, 2017 22 Comments

Stephen Parry may or may not be British, but there's no denying that he's definitely a fool.

Was Barnaby a security risk all that time?

Bernard Keane October 31, 2017 22 Comments

Barnaby Joyce was the first foreigner to sit on the National Security Committee. Should our risk-averse security establishment be worried?

Constitutional games showed this government is breathtakingly incompetent

Bernard Keane October 30, 2017 32 Comments

The government's killing-off of Indigenous recognition may yet prove an even worse problem than the citizenship decision last week.

Canavan’s caravan of citizenship cant carries on

Bernard Keane September 29, 2017 10 Comments

Confused about who's to blame for what in the citizenship saga? Crikey has your back.

Senator (soon to be Mr) Malcolm Roberts perfectly represents One Nation

Bernard Keane September 22, 2017 41 Comments

The debacle of Malcolm Roberts' appearance before the High Court yesterday summed up the political cancer that is One Nation.