January, 2017

Fine young cannibals: ripping off other journos’ work (like I did) is killing our industry

, Jan 20, 2017

A capable journalist can turn around half a dozen ripped-off stories in a day, writes freelance journalist and SBS digital editor Robert Burton-Bradley.
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Lies and propaganda: property media standards going, going, gone

, Jan 25, 2013

Coverage of real estate is dreadful, says property writer Terry Ryder. Organisations with vested interests pump out propaganda press releases and so-called journalists recycle them. No questions asked.

NYT debate: what would it cost to end he-said-she-said journalism?

, Jan 13, 2012

The New York Times has raised the issue of he-said-she-said journalism. It should be discussed here, too, but it's more complicated than media critics think.

Nice bit of gas-powered Churnalism

, Mar 25, 2011

Why is Gladstone Observer and the Toowoomba Chronicle reprinting press releases for the Queensland Gas Company word for word and calling them news stories? asks Graham Readfearn

The shoddy craft of “churnalism”

, Mar 01, 2011

"Churnalism" refers to the idea that the media is becoming increasingly drenched in PR related content lazily regurgitated by journos. It's time we gave it more thought, writes Mr Denmore.
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The media flogs Williams’ bloody corpse

, Apr 20, 2010

Drug trafficker and hitman Carl Williams met his bloody demise in prison yesterday. It's the story that has it all: murder, celebrity crims, betrayal, police corruption... but just how far will the nation's papers go in celebrating the life and death of a murderer?
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Spinning the Media: Pre-packaged journalism: just download!

, Mar 25, 2010

PR companies are now delivering sound bites, interviews and footage straight to the journalist's desk -- and TV and radio news often run them unfiltered and unedited, writes Biwa Kwan.
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Spinning the media: PR insiders on their ‘return on investment’

, Mar 23, 2010

The public relations industry has its own term for churnalism: return on investment journalism. Sasha Pavey explains how PR executives have worked the current economic climate to their advantage.
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Syndicated news goes A La Carte

, Sep 17, 2009

CNN's wire service, CNN Wire, is now offering newspaper editors the chance to buy individual stories for syndication -- at $199 a pop. It's like ordering off a menu instead of hiring a personal chef.

Facing some ugly truths about modern journalism

, Sep 14, 2009

10,000 Words looks at 10 unfortunate realities of the modern media industry, like the unfortunate reliance on wire copy, the slipping standards of subediting, and the fact that no-one has the answers to fix it.