March, 2014

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Follow Friday: @bloggingsbyboz, who has both eyes on Latin America

, Mar 07, 2014

If you want to understand Latin America, James Bosworth's Twitter feed is a very good place to start. The strategic analyst is Crikey's latest Follow Friday story.
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Arriba! Why are we a trendy destination for Latin American students?

, Feb 14, 2014

Think you're hearing more Spanish on George Street? You're not imagining things -- the number of Latin American students studying in Australia is soaring. Crikey intern Isabel Filgueiras looks at why.
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Australian caution on oil shale gas justified?

, Dec 09, 2011

One of the consistent claims of the United States oil shale gas industry and its method of production involving "fracturing" has been "we’ve never had one confirmed case of groundwater contamination." Well, that is a claim that can be made no longer.
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Santiago, Chile: a city full of buzz and waiters (but no drinks menu)

, Jul 29, 2011

Santiago, Chile is a bustling capital, where Laura Burgoine worked for a newspaper in a barn, strolled the streets full of buskers and hawkers and waited hours for a Pisco Sour (the nation's signature cocktail) to be served.

Chilean students take control of their schools to protest for a better education

, Jul 15, 2011

Underneath the ashes of the exploding volcano, Chilean students are on strike. Paul Kearney heads to a school in Chile, where students have taken control and are cooking their meals in the canteen, refusing to leave.

How to survive a Chilean earthquake

, May 09, 2011

It was 3am last year in Santiago, Chile, when Laura Burgoine was awoken by plates and glasses smashing on to the kitchen floor as her apartment walls shook. What does one do in such a situation?
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How to light a gas stove and other Chilean dilemmas

, Mar 22, 2011

Laura Burgoine left Melbourne bound for Chile with no contacts, zero Spanish skills and no real accommodation at the other end, armed only with a Macbook and the foolish delusion that this might just work.

Miners reborn as President Piñera inspires national fervor

, Oct 14, 2010

Mining and Chile. It is more than fair to say that both words are absolutely synonymous. Just like Chile and its lamentable right-wing leaders, writes Leo Codutti from South America.

LIVE: Trapped Chilean miners get rescued

, Oct 13, 2010

Watch as the 33 Chilean miners are brought above ground after 68 days of being trapped in a collapsed mine shaft. Chilean president Sebastian Pinera has promised to hug every miner as they are freed and so far, so good.

The trapped Chilean miners

, Oct 11, 2010

Thirty-three Chilean miners remain entrapped underground, where they've been stuck since a mine collapse on August 5. These stunning photos show their families making contact with them above ground and grainy photos of miners themselves.