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Media Files: Tennis comes to Nine a year early

June 25, 2018

Nine has announced it's getting tennis a year early, set to broadcast the Australian Open in 2019. The channel reportedly paid $48.5 million to current rights holder Seven to get started earlier.

Media Files: Seven news camera stolen during shoot

June 7, 2018 1

Seven's Europe correspondent Laurel Irving has spoken about how she and her cameraman were robbed of their $25,000 camera while in the middle of shooting on the streets of London.

Closing ceremony fallout continues … Pulitzer Prizes announced … Seven’s costs bloat …

April 17, 2018

The Commonwealth Games closing ceremony snaffu rolls on, with Seven's Johanna Griggs firing back at ABC's Tracey Holmes' reports yesterday that Seven knew, or should have known, the details of the ceremony before it went to air.

The long-term pain in cricket’s anti-siphoning spin

April 16, 2018 5

Seven and Foxtel have pulled a fast one on cricket fans, ducking regulations to lock two thirds of international cricket matches on a subscription service. Will will it be enough to save Foxtel's sinking subscriber base?

Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings

April 12, 2018

With the Commonwealth Games taking the lion's share for Seven, other channels are once again fighting for scraps

Casting the first stone … more media gender pay gaps revealed … recycling (and re-recycling) TV …

March 15, 2018 2

The Herald Sun's Paul Tatnell has taken a shot at The Daily Mail Australia in an ongoing pass-ag war over content theft. And other media tidbits of the day.

ABC’s all-women presenters … Seven gets desperate … Department of Corrections …

March 8, 2018 7

The ABC has bumped its male talent off air for International Women's Day. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

‘Journalist assaulted Mehajer with questions’ … Isentia boss quits … Correction of the day …

February 27, 2018 1

A Sydney magistrate has criticised journalist Laura Banks who was assaulted by Salim Mehajer.

The real reason Channel Seven elevated the opinion of a neo-Nazi

February 5, 2018 17

Seven News Melbourne's neo-Nazi interview was some pretty stomach-churning tabloid TV. But when did the commercial news bulletins start going so low?

Craig McLachlan fallout … editor quits over pay gap … ‘unmasked troll’ pleads guilty …

January 8, 2018 2

Fairfax and the ABC have named TV star Craig McLachlan as an alleged predator , which has upshots for many in the entertainment industry.

Crikey Worm: parliament says ‘yes’ to marriage equality

December 8, 2017

Good morning, early birds. A watershed moment in Australian history as the Australian Parliament finally passes marriage equality legislation. Plus, Channel Seven has begun legal action against former employee Amber Harrison. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

HuffPost’s ‘disrespect’ for staff … Women’s Weekly cuts senior roles … the revolving door …

HuffPost’s ‘disrespect’ for staff … Women’s Weekly cuts senior roles … the revolving door …

December 4, 2017 2

The journalists' union has met with HuffPost Australia staff, and says they were disrespected by their employer when it shut down its local edition.

Red Symons gonged from ABC … Bourke to lose its local … Daily Mail’s rising profits

December 1, 2017 2

ABC Melbourne breakfast presenter Red Symons has been sacked from the prominent show, saying he hasn't been told why he won't be back next year.

Studio 10 EP sacked … car crash photo breaches press standards … Murder Uncovered killed off …

November 21, 2017

Ten's Studio 10 executive producer Rob McKnight has been booted by the network, telling colleagues in an email he wouldn't "spin a BS line that I resigned".

Seven’s cadet firing fallout … Facebook sacks the NFL … ‘Weeping Weiner’ …

Seven’s cadet firing fallout … Facebook sacks the NFL … ‘Weeping Weiner’ …

September 27, 2017 1

Tweets are about to become twice as insufferable. And other media tidbits of the day.

Seven’s profits suffer massive hit

August 16, 2017

Seven West Media reports a $744 million loss for the year, with $988 million in writedowns placing the company firmly in the red.

Glenn Dyer’s TV ratings

July 26, 2017

What happened with Ninja Warrior? Weird.

Just because Tim Worner is the bad guy doesn’t mean Amber Harrison is the hero

July 19, 2017 12

We love an underdog fighting a noble battle against an evil corporation. But Amber Harrison does not fit the bill.

Harrison crushed, but Seven survives — for now

July 18, 2017 7

Seven has avoided updating the market while the case has been before the court, but now there are questions about its future now the Harrison scandal has ended, write Glenn Dyer and Emily Watkins.

Mayne: Seven’s triumvirate buy themselves endless Amber Harrison publicity

July 10, 2017 7

By no longer contesting Seven’s claims in court or pursuing her own counter-claims, Harrison has laid down her legal arms and shifted the debate back into the court of public opinion, where she has proven herself to be an effective combatant.