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Can we trust the census data?

Josh Taylor April 12, 2017 7 Comments

The typical Australian is a 38-year-old married woman, according to the ABS, but is that just indicative of those who filled out the census?

Just how the ABS screwed up the census so royally

Josh Taylor November 25, 2016 2 Comments

The census was the canary in the coal mine -- there should be some basic training and testing before other government services go online, says PM's cybersecurity guru.

Your census data is fine — it’s not like anyone would ever elect Donald Trump, right?

Josh Taylor November 17, 2016 2 Comments

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says your census data is protected by legislation. And since no one would be mad enough to elect a crazy despot, it will be fine.

A high census completion rate does not mean the ABS can rely on the data

Crikey October 19, 2016 4 Comments

The ABS says a high response rate to the 2016 census means its data is clean. Not so, writes former Australian Statistician Bill McLennan.

The Crikey Census: tell us what you really think

Cassidy Knowlton September 29, 2016 7 Comments

Help us make Crikey even better — and stream the best movies and television for free.

ABS claims of 95% census completion rate complete bunkum

Josh Taylor September 26, 2016 6 Comments

We won't know how many people completed the census until early next year, according to the ABS.

The never-ending bungle of #CensusFail

Crikey September 12, 2016

On the Census Marilyn Chapple writes: Re. “ABS denies census is in crisis, with one in five forms still missing” (Friday). Maybe there is an explanation for many of the missing census forms. I have received four census forms. Three were posted, with three different logins, to three different versions of my address, which is a dual  occupancy […]

Census in field staff crisis

Crikey September 12, 2016 3 Comments

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is reportedly struggling to find field staff to collect the outstanding forms before the September 23 deadline.

ABS won’t tell us why they need to keep data

ABS won’t tell us why they need to keep data

Crikey September 9, 2016 1 Comment

The ABS can't release information about its say-nothing response to a media inquiry.

ABS denies census is in crisis, with one in five forms still missing

Bernard Keane September 9, 2016 3 Comments

A month on from the census, only 80% of us have sent in our forms. And the Australian Bureau of Statistics is getting grumpier about it.