March, 2017

The fine art too crude for Facebook

, Mar 03, 2017

When auction house Mossgreen wanted to run an ad featuring Charles Blackman’s 1980 painting Women Lovers, it found there is a line Facebook won't cross.

Village Roadshow vows to sue pirates

, Feb 17, 2017

The company responsible for delaying film releases in Australia says it will chase down people who pirate their films.

Govt says it will block online shopping websites that refuse to pay GST

, Sep 15, 2016

The government is not keeping track of whether agencies are blocking websites all willy-nilly.

Press Council tells Zuckerberg to be like Spider-man

, Sep 13, 2016

Australian Press Council has called on Facebook to publish its editorial policy, if it has one.

What’s black and white and red all over? Aussie media outlets sign China deals

, May 31, 2016

Fairfax and Sky have agreed to carry content from Chinese media agencies -- but media censorship issues haunt the deals. Myriam Robin and Michael Sainsbury report.

Right-wing fringe groups lobby to bring in internet filtering

, May 23, 2016

The Australian Family Association wants to block all online pornography, except for those who request access to it.

Trade for silence: why Australia leaves Chinese prisoners to rot

, Dec 22, 2015

China gets a free pass, while less lucrative countries feel the full brunt of Australia's righteousness.
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Dissension in the ranks: NSW Young Libs censor members

, Oct 13, 2015

The NSW Young Liberals are attempting to discipline a member for speaking out on Facebook.
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Brandis’ office to review cost of piracy code — after it’s already lodged

, Aug 26, 2015

Regulation always costs somebody. Now telcos are asking the Attorney-General's Department, how much?
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Razer’s Class Warfare: Abbott govt helping at least one area of the arts

, Sep 04, 2014

The Abbott government has promised to "cut red tape", and while most of its decisions have been ludicrous, one stands out as actual good policy ...