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When’s a good time to introduce a great big new tax?

June 5, 2012 66

The chorus has been building for months from Coalition figures across the country: "now is not the time to introduce a carbon tax". But if now's a bad time to introduce a new tax, 2000 was much worse.

The Running Man gives a boost to Gillard’s last chance

The Running Man gives a boost to Gillard’s last chance

May 31, 2012 30

As Julia Gillard tries one last recovery strategy, Labor finds itself in the unusual position of having a good day. But that never lasts long for Gillard.

Aluminium, industry policy and losing our way on reform

Aluminium, industry policy and losing our way on reform

May 24, 2012 21

The closure of the Kurri Kurri smelter lifts the lid not merely on a troubled industry but a troubled policy process.

Keane: the $8 billion industry policy no one notices

March 1, 2012 54

The government's decision to end the solar hot water program sheds a light on the self-contradictory tax system.

OurSay — climate change and human rights on the rise

OurSay — climate change and human rights on the rise

February 16, 2012 6

Climate change and human rights questions dominated the week at the Our Say People's Question.

Repealing a tax will ‘save’ $4b? Er, no, Tony Abbott

February 2, 2012 157

Tony Abbott is boasting of saving $4 billion, which will be long gone when he gets into office.

The 2011 Crikeys: the government policy hits and misses

December 20, 2011 46

2011 was the biggest year in economic policy for a long time - which isn't saying much. What was best and worst?

Bluescope: this isn’t a company, it’s a black hole

November 22, 2011 1

Just days after its AGM, BlueScope has gone out fundraising -- despite getting access to hundreds of millions in taxpayer assistance.

Essential: no to uranium exports to India, yes to mining tax

November 21, 2011 44

Voters back the mining tax but oppose uranium exports to India, today's Essential Report shows. And voters are less concerned about a return to Workchoices.

It’s the Greens’ day, anyway you look at it

November 8, 2011 186

The passage of the government's carbon pricing package is a major victory for the Greens. Even if it's so weak it needs to be bolstered by an extensive array of taxpayer spending

The Coalition game of deterring renewables

October 18, 2011 50

The opposition is pursuing a clear strategy of trying to scare investors away from anything to do with renewables. And some others are joining in.

The opposition was right to walk out on Gillard

September 14, 2011 190

Politicians insist parliamentary debates are important but there's no evidence they are. The collection of speeches given to a chamber almost entirely devoid of life plays no role in improving legislation.

Essential: opposition to Malaysian Solution grows

August 1, 2011

Opposition to the Malaysian Solution has spiked, and Labor's carbon pricing campaign isn't working.

Carbon cops run amok in a world of spin

August 1, 2011 43

The carbon price "debate" shows the effects of decades of spin. "Carbon cops", busting down your front door and scaring the kids in pursuit of unauthorised emissions, had been invented by the Coalition.

The lie of ‘sovereign risk’

July 28, 2011 43

Now that Australia is officially a "safe haven" it's time to nail the myth of sovereign risk.

Regurgitating rubbish facts on carbon price effects

July 27, 2011 12

It isn't just dodgy industry claims about the carbon price that circulate through the media.

Abbott free of the shackles of truth

July 21, 2011 90

Tony Abbott has racked up three howlers on a carbon price in the last week and they've all received critical media coverage, even if they're wrong.

Everyone (nearly) hates the carbon pricing scheme

July 19, 2011 138

Only younger and lower-income voters are even faintly attracted to the government's carbon pricing package.

The consequences of repealing a carbon price

July 15, 2011 176

Repealing a carbon price will come with some complications, and not just for a government.

Gillard’s credibility going from bad to worse

July 14, 2011 29

Five months on, the Prime Minister still can't answer voters' complaints that she lied to them on a carbon price.