October, 2017

For a document with no substance, the NEG has earned a lot of fans

, Oct 30, 2017

NEG is so miraculous that it's garnering positive reaction from both sides of the field; quite a feat for an eight page document with zero figures, writes economist John Quiggin.

Crikey Worm: Shorten’s union raided

, Oct 25, 2017

Good morning, early birds. The offices of Bill Shorten's old stomping ground have been raided by the Australian Federal Police, and the Productivity Commission has delivered a report arguing for the re-introduction of a carbon price. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

How the deficit was blown: the Coalition’s $100 billion bill

, Apr 03, 2017

Far from being fiscally disciplined, the government has blown over $100 billion courtesy of bad, ideological or partisan decisions, and taxpayers will be bearing the cost for a long time to come.

BlueScope’s amnesia powers its energy hypocrisy

, Feb 21, 2017

Posturing by business on energy policy is a disguise for self-interest and a demand for more handouts and protection for companies like BlueScope Steel, write Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane.

Yes, Labor really did kill off the mining boom

, Sep 29, 2016

New data shows the mining sector at its lowest ebb since 2011 -- even though Tony Abbott promised "a second mining boom" if he repealed the carbon price and mining tax.
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Milne leaves Greens at record strength

, May 06, 2015

Christine Milne leaves politics with her party at record strength -- an outcome that looked unlikely when she took over as leader.
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Aboriginal fire scheme a carbon tax repeal victim

, Oct 28, 2014

An indigenous controlled burn land management program is one of the latest casualties of the repeal of the carbon tax, writes freelance journalist Karen Coombs.
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Essential: Abbott’s MH17 performance lifts Coalition

, Jul 29, 2014

Tony Abbott's handling of the MH17 disaster has won the approval of all voting groups and sent the Coalition's vote to its highest point in months, today's Essential Report shows.
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Invented budget ‘crisis’ hides incoherence and inconsistency

, Jul 24, 2014

The "budget crisis" created by the Senate is an invention: the government has walked away from billions in additional revenue itself.
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Carbon repeal: condemning our children for cheap political points

, Jul 17, 2014

The repeal of a functioning, low-impact carbon price is an economic attack on future generations, and they will damn us for it.