January, 2015

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Meet Pakistan’s all-singing, all-dancing, burqa-wearing free speech defenders

, Jan 23, 2015

A Pakistani theatre company threw caution to the wind by performing a controversial, satirical play about burqas and freedom of expression.
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Tips and rumours

, Oct 24, 2014

Where did the 2UE whisper come from? ... the other assistant treasurer ... the company behind those sweary princesses

Rundles’s Euro Bites: Coalition shortens … Ice(land)capades … back o’ burqa? …

, Apr 12, 2011

Odds that the UK coalition will not go the distance got a little shorter this week ... Icelend, Iceland, Icesave, ice-cold ... Clothes call for burqa in France ...
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Burqa ban is a mass displacement

, Sep 29, 2010

Why is a burqa now offensive and its opposite -- the bikini, which used to be banned in NSW -- now acceptable? Now Italy is talking about a burqa ban.

Lifting the veil on a witness in court won’t reveal her true feelings

, Aug 27, 2010

Last week, a Perth judge ruled that a prosecution witness in a fraud case would have to remove her niqab (face-veil) while giving evidence in court.

Atheists and conservatives hide behind the veil

, May 21, 2010

Calls to ban the burqa come from both the conservative and liberal sides of the fence. But a possible ban has nothing to do with women's liberation and everything to do with defending the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, writes Jacinda Woodhead.
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Sticking the boot into Kevin

, May 12, 2010

Crikey readers join the debate over Kevin Rudd's performance. Does Kevin deserve the fail whale after all his broken promises and hyperbole? Plus, David Cameron -- the new Kevin Rudd.

Beware of the burqa bandits infiltrating parliament

, May 11, 2010

Liberal senator Cory Bernardi has called for a burqa ban in Australia. Great, I have to weigh in on this ridiculous old "un-Australian" argument against Muslims again? asks Shakira Hussein.

To burqa or not to burqa?

, May 10, 2010

Crikey readers weigh in on Corey Bernardi and the burqa debate. Is Bernardi using the "usual right of centre arguments" or is there more to it? Plus, mining tax shouldn't be called a tax.

Cory Bernardi’s sinister plot to ban the burqa

, May 07, 2010

Senator Corey Bernadi’s call to ban the burqa is more sinister than many other similar calls around the world. Do his comments amount to religious vilification?