March, 2010

Gorillas in the midst of broadband battle

, Mar 03, 2010

There are few more absorbing sights than watching two big gorillas going head-to-head in a battle of wits and strength.

Australia’s internet: not neutral, not cheap, not very good

, Feb 11, 2010

"Net neutrality" is a hot issue in the States, where folks don't want their access to online content limited or influenced by ISPs. But Aussies needn't worry their pretty little heads about it: our internet hasn't been neutral for years.
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Stephen Conroy: Dear Crikey, here’s why you’re wrong

, Dec 23, 2009

It's fighting words from Senator Stephen Conroy as he rebuts the "disingenuous" coverage of his Great Firewall of Australia. You can't access RC-rated content in newsagencies, libraries, DVDs, cinemas or on TV, so why should it be allowed on the internet? asks Conroy.

Who is getting faster, cheaper internet than you?

, Oct 03, 2009

Well, the Japanese for a start, who get an average connection speed of 61mbps (versus our 1.7mbps) at a fraction of the price. This great infographic compares broadband speed, price and penetration around the world. See how behind we really are.

Country voters miss out on blogging PM

, Aug 24, 2009

PM Kevin Rudd may be in a tweeting and live-blogging frenzy, but it's alienating regional voters who don't have access to the fast speed internet required to interact, writes North Coast Voices.

Will East Africa become the new India?

, Aug 18, 2009

You know internet use is rocky when pirate attacks and damaged sea cables can stop connections and only 5 in every 100 people use the internet. But with the arrival of broadband to Tanzania, there is talk of East Africa becoming the new outsourcing hot spot.

Telstra set to embrace National Broadband

, Aug 07, 2009

The possible addition of Telstra means the dominoes are falling into place for the Federal Government's National Broadband Network.

Alston’s cold, dead hand still controls broadband

, May 25, 2009

The National Broadband Network should be the solution to Australia's commerical television woes. It isn't.

OECD: Australia’s broadband is rubbish. Who knew?

, May 22, 2009

The OECD's latest broadband report confirms what we already know: Australia ain’t exactly the leader of the pack.

Nerd alert: new fibre lands in Australia

, May 21, 2009

1.29 terabits of new data capacity arrives in Australia. Geeks are there to welcome it with open arms.