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The TV-free generation and its role in the NBN debate

April 11, 2013 7

More and more homes in the US are ditching the TV and consuming video content online or via tablets or smartphones. Will Australia follow suit? And if so, what would that mean for our new national broadband?

Turnbull’s copper magic, an almost-NBN policy

Turnbull’s copper magic, an almost-NBN policy

April 10, 2013 42

Whatever its flaws, Malcolm Turnbull's broadband policy had dragged the Liberal Party a long way in recognising the importance of broadband. Has he removed a key reason not to vote Liberal with this policy?

Sisyphus and the boulder of Chinese broadband bullshit

Sisyphus and the boulder of Chinese broadband bullshit

December 13, 2012 21

China isn't getting an NBN, and it doesn't cost a third of ours, regardless of what The Australian claims.

Telstra backs the NBN, but the devil’s in the detail

Telstra backs the NBN, but the devil’s in the detail

June 23, 2011 1

Telstra today signed the Definitive Agreements with NBN Co and the government covering its participation in the rollout of the National Broadband Network. It's a complex deal, with the details of key documents still hidden thanks to confidentiality.

Telstra deal puts more momentum behind the NBN

February 10, 2011 18

The Telstra-NBN deal announced this morning puts more weight behind the broadband network, leaving the Coalition ever further behind.

At last, the NBN Business Plan

December 20, 2010 30

The government has finally released the NBN Corporate Plan that caused so much fuss while Parliament was sitting. It unveils a 7% rate of return and lower-than-expected wholesale prices as part of a set of conservative projections over the next 30 years.

Essential: Broadband support strengthens, Labor wedged on gays

November 29, 2010 5

Australians think the NBN is important and will benefit the economy, businesses, themselves and their kids, the latest Essential Report reveals. And on gay marriage, Labor finds itself caught between the two sides.

NBN Co business case — truly a curiously inadequate document

November 25, 2010 2

"It is a curiously inadequate document," wrote Malcolm Turnbull of the NBN Co Business Case Summary. He’s right. A business case that doesn’t, y’know, present a case for the business, supported by proper numbers? WTF?

If the Liberals oppose the NBN, they have to back splitting Telstra

October 25, 2010 5

If the Liberals are serious about an alternative approach to NBN, they have to start with the vertical separation of Telstra, write Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer.

Conroy comes knocking

October 22, 2010 118

Watch out - Conroy's about! He'll make you use the NBN and he'll charge you thousands for the privilege. At least, that's what some in the media want you to think.

Graeme Samuel’s NBN slug

Graeme Samuel’s NBN slug

October 21, 2010

As if Telstra didn’t have enough to deal with, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has raised the prospect it will do an about-face on its attitude to Telstra’s wholesale ADSL access regime.

Admit it: people don’t get the NBN

September 24, 2010 82

The NBN debate is becoming increasingly sterile as critics and supporters alike stick to their guns. Another study isn't going to help.

Parliament hangs on a broadband fibre

Parliament hangs on a broadband fibre

August 23, 2010 7

Who ends up governing Australia will depend on how three, maybe four independent MPs and The Greens view broadband. Early indications are that the independents will favour Labor’s publicly-funded, publicly-owned National Broadband Network.

MacCallum: It’s about the broadband, stupid

August 20, 2010

Buried beneath the mirrored policies, limp leadership and so-what? stump speeches, one issue has actually provided a legitimate point of difference between the two parties: the awoken beast of broadband, writes Mungo MacCallum.

Net nerds declare Abbott a knuckle head

August 12, 2010

In the wake of Tony Abbott again declaring that he is "not a tech head," a growing community of internet experts are savaging Abbott and arguing the Coalition's broadband policy should be sent on a one-way trip to the recycle bin.

The broadband battle: what will they really deliver?

August 11, 2010 126

The political message of the Coalition’s broadband policy is that they can deliver the same outcome as Labor sooner, for less cost and with less risk. But while both Labor and the Coalition promise the same speeds, they’re otherwise wildly different propositions.

At last, the Coalition broadband policy

August 10, 2010 102

Finally, we have the Coalition broadband plan. It's confusing, pitched at outer-suburban electorates and it won't deliver anything like the NBN.

Turnbull is not connecting with broadband realities

Turnbull is not connecting with broadband realities

August 10, 2010

Malcolm Turnbull's recent claim that Australians don't want Labor's proposed 100Mbps broadband connection is a load of hogwash. ABS stats clearly reveal Aussie households and businesses continue to crave faster speeds and more data, says Trevor Clarke.

Online students download poorer test results

June 22, 2010

New research claims children who use computers with high-speed broadband connections may suffer academically as a result. Are parents trying to get little Tommy a quick net connection inadvertently scoring an F for responsibility?

Australia online: stuck in 2005

May 10, 2010

Ten years ago Australia was a world leader of digital space. Fast forward to now and we're stuck five years behind the rest of the world, thanks to expensive and slow broadband.