August, 2017

Razer: yes, I love the Queen

, Aug 15, 2017

Of course, a monarchy is ridiculous. But I can't help but love Queen Elizabeth.
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We are not abdicating: Charles won’t be in charge for many years yet

, Jun 20, 2014

Three European monarchs have abdicated in the last year or so, which got us wondering: could our Lilibet be next? Not on your life, writes freelance writer Dylan Barber.
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How the pretty royals are turning young people into monarchists

, Apr 24, 2014

Support for the monarchy has almost doubled among Australians under the age of 30. Monarchists and republicans agree Wills and Kate are partly responsible. Crikey intern Luke Cooper talks to both sides.
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They did but see them pass them by, but not much love before they die

, Apr 17, 2014

Wills and Kate (and baby Prince George) are in Sydney to meet their loyal subjects. But our enterprising royal correspondent found loyal subjects were rather thin on the ground.
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Razer’s Class Warfare: Wills, Kate will never be royals — but they can be celebs

, Apr 17, 2014

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in Sydney, and they will no doubt be on their blandest, most boringly dutiful behaviour. But that's not due to the dignity of their titles -- it's in opposition.
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Royal rates: what you’ll pay for Will and Kate’s Aussie adventure

, Mar 06, 2014

Will, Kate and royal celebri-baby George will visit Australia next month. Did you know that Aussie taxpayers are going to pay the full cost of the trip?

Come in Spinner: spinning the monarchical succession

, Jul 19, 2012

The media -- particularly magazines -- are heavily dependent on monarchical stories, regularly reporting on them through the frame of pageantry, soap opera, scandal and fantasy.

Jubilee shows Britain’s run of luck with monarchy

, Jun 05, 2012

Having passed George III's mark last year, the Queen is now the second-longest serving British monarch; she will overtake Queen Victoria in September 2015.

Thank God for the new sound of the Dawn Service

, Apr 15, 2010

This year's ANZAC Day Dawn Service will finally ditch God Save the Queen. It's about time, says Barry Everingham -- now we just have to get her face off coins and stamps...
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How the Palace press machine seduced the Australian media

, Feb 02, 2010

Now that Prince William and his PR machine have left the country, the Australian media needs to sit back and realise they were used and a bit cheapened by a rapturous week-long love affair, writes David Donovan.