August, 2014

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Promoting the grisly terrorism theatre of IS

, Aug 21, 2014

The grisly murder of James Foley is the continuation of a well-established Islamic extremist tradition of media manipulation. And it works.
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In the calculus of war, children’s lives not worth much

, Jul 25, 2014

For children caught in conflict zones, death is but the most extreme consequence; other lifelong consequences are commonly absent from our awareness, writes UN adviser Robert Johnson.
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Why we’ve lost interest in the Nigerian schoolgirls, 100 days on

, Jul 24, 2014

It has been 100 days since the Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped. What did #BringBackOurGirls achieve, and where has the outrage gone? United Nations adviser Robert Johnson writes from Nairobi.
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Even al-Qaeda thinks schoolgirl kidnappers Boko Haram too violent

, May 13, 2014

The Western media is (belatedly) outraged over the abduction of Nigerian schoolgirls. But an international reaction is exactly what terrorist group Boko Haram wants, writes UN adviser Robert Johnson in Nairobi.
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#BringBackOurGirls a familiar song, but feminist chorus could be lethal

, May 12, 2014

The Western media is finally paying attention to (one sensationalist, emotional story in) Africa. But our focus on #BringBackOurGirls may have got 300 people killed.

Is Nigeria al-Qaeda’s new frontier?

, Mar 20, 2012

Boko Haram has grabbed headlines in Nigeria for its lethal attacks on military barracks and police stations in northern Nigeria, writes Clair MacDougall, a freelance journalist in Monrovia in Liberia.