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Media briefs: Women’s Agenda sold … nightmare on Zika St … how to do blackface …

Media briefs: Women’s Agenda sold … nightmare on Zika St … how to do blackface …

February 26, 2016 4

Crikey publisher Private Media sells off women's site Women's Agenda. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

Getting your stolen Safran knickers in a twist

Getting your stolen Safran knickers in a twist

October 23, 2009 7

Blackface! A crucifixion! Masturbation! This week's coveted Wankley award goes to the outrage surrounding John Safran's new show Race Relations before it had even aired. Storm in a teacup, anyone?

Golly, the <em>Hun</em> should be black, white and red (faced) all over

Golly, the Hun should be black, white and red (faced) all over

October 16, 2009 6

A Melbourne toy shop has moved some of its products out of its display windows, and the Herald Sun was on hand to fan one of the oldest beat-ups in the book: "innocent children oppressed by PC killjoys".

French <em>Vogue</em> does blackface

French Vogue does blackface

October 14, 2009

What, is everybody doing it now? The latest edition of French Vogue magazine features supermodel Lara Stone in blackface. Stay tuned for next month's spread, featuring a man in a duck suit and a guest appearance by Farnsy.

Minutes from a Hey Hey Production Meeting

October 12, 2009 37

Ben Pobjie presents minutes from Hey Hey's last Production Meeting, where a creative decision was made between "Jackson Jive", "Schmuckie the Jew With The Giant Nose", "The Asian Driver Song", and "Al-Boomah, the Exploding Arab Clown".

Daryl Somers

October 9, 2009 4

Daryl Somers wins this week's coveted Wankley Award, for not letting a bit of blackface controversy get in the way of crowing about Hey Hey It's Wednesday's stellar ratings.

Red Symons: …and then nobody laughed

October 9, 2009 78

Red Symons speaks out on the Hey Hey blackface debacle and racism backlash: Americans are offended by blackface. Australians are largely not.

Hey Hey it’s a giant mess

October 9, 2009

Crikey readers weigh in on Hey Hey and the historical connotations of blackface. Plus, how would Joe Hockey be as leader of the Opposition?

Q&A with Kamahl: why is Hey Hey so unkind?

October 9, 2009 16

Crooner Kamahl was used for a cheap laugh during 'that' skit on Hey Hey. What did he think of it? Crikey intern Melanie Mahony gets the full story.

Hey Hey’s Jackson Jive: Why we wore blackface

October 9, 2009

One of the Jackson Jive from Hey Hey it's Saturday's now notorious blackface skit explains why they chose to perform. And yes, they did think it would be "a little bit controversial".

You call that a Minstrel Show? This is a Minstrel Show

October 9, 2009 3

Dear Daryl: this is how you do it. The Goodies spoof the Black and White Minstrel Show: [youtube][/youtube]

The Joe and Malcolm minstrel podcast

October 8, 2009

Crikey’s Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane and editor Jonathan Green blackface-off over the Liberal Party leadership.

VIDEO: Harry Connick Jr does blackface, too

October 8, 2009 4

There's no such thing as ancient history on the internet. A Crikey reader unearths Harry Connick Jr. appearing in a MAD TV sketch with "blackface" in 1996. Hmm.

What’s all the fuss about ‘blackface’?

October 8, 2009 43

In light of all the scandal following last night's Hey Hey it's Saturday, which featured a blackface skit, Crikey intern Melanie Mahony clarifies the history of blackface. Is it racist?

Hey Hey it’s the internet

October 8, 2009 2

With Hey Hey's blackface scandal, it's not so much that community standards have changed in 20 years, it's that thanks to technology it's easier for the audience to make its feelings and displeasure heard.

Hey Hey misguided patriotism’s back

October 8, 2009

The reaction to Hey Hey’s ill advised Red Faces Blackfaces act is rapidly dividing into two camps: outrage and outrage, writes Sophie Black.

The world sees red over <em>Hey Hey</em>‘s blackface

The world sees red over Hey Hey‘s blackface

October 8, 2009 58

Whilst reanimating the fetid corpse of Hey Hey it's Saturday, the show's producers decided to also revive some ol' fashioned 20th century bigotry, by putting on a Minstrel Show. Pundits across the pond didn't quite see the funny side.