September, 2014

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Five years on from Black Saturday, Victoria drags its feet on bushfire protection

, Sep 16, 2014

Although the state government has implemented most of the recommendations of the Bushfires Royal Commission, there is still important work to do, writes Crikey intern Andrei Ghoukassian.
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The age of consent: journalists’ ethics in natural disasters

, Nov 13, 2013

Do journalists need consent from people before interviewing them or taking an image of them? Dr Denis Muller at The Citizen draws on research in the aftermath of Black Saturday to map out a workable ethical standard.

Govt bushfire buyback scheme attracts fewer victims

, Jul 02, 2012

There were 190 applications from Black Saturday bushfire victims for the state government to buy back their properties, writes Aliyah Stotyn, a journalism student at Swinburne University.

It’s official: Australia is the No.1 place to be

, Mar 04, 2011

While nobody was noticing, late last year Australia pipped Norway to achieve the highest standard of living in the world.

Tracking the Black Saturday bushfires — at the source of ignition

, Aug 03, 2010

The Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission recommendations were released to a predicable media reception. Using the fear of fire many politicians, journalists and others seek to make themselves popular by backing the clearing of bush -- without justification, writes Lionel Elmore.
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Some questions for Emergency Services Commissioner Bruce Esplin

, Apr 28, 2010

Tomorrow, Emergency Services Commissioner Bruce Esplin will face the Black Saturday Royal Commission -- but is the Commission ready to ask him the tough questions? asks Tess Lawrence.

Rees retired for a reason but Nixon got nixed

, Apr 28, 2010

Departed fire chief Russell Rees got a dignified farewell and positive media coverage, the exact opposite coverage that Christine Nixon -- who had a far lesser role in operations -- did. Why? asks Jane Cowan.

Christine Nixon: another fat sheila, another lame jibe

, Apr 12, 2010

Whatever Christine Nixon has done in public life -- being Police Commissioner, going to dinner on Black Saturday, running the Black Saturday recovery -- she'll always cop the fat sheila abuse. It's the way we treat all overweight women, writes Claire Harvey.

Crucifying Christine because she’s female

, Apr 09, 2010

The public flogging of Christine Nixon is typical of our treatment of strong, prominent women, writes Moira Rayner. She did the only thing that all the many men involved won't: admit that she "could have done better".
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It’s Black Saturday, for God’s sake, pay attention

, Apr 08, 2010

Why does it take a debate over Christine Nixon's gastro pub dinner to get us talking about Black Saturday again?