February, 2018

Ex-government furniture yields bureaucratic gold for lucky journalists

, Feb 01, 2018

Canberra's ex-government furniture market usually only provides pre-loved desks and chairs. For the ABC, it yielded a lot more.

From Mediscare to the TPP, lies create trust-resistant political environment

, Jan 30, 2018

Our political environment is becoming ever more polluted with lies about major policy issues, undermining already low levels of voter trust.

No togetherness in Frydenberg’s electric car dreams

, Jan 23, 2018

Having a culture war over electric vehicles can be very dangerous. It's funny what you might end up supporting.

If milk prices went up like private health insurance …

, Jan 19, 2018

Increases in private health insurance premiums are set to hurt household budgets by $750 a year -- and deepen the appalling intergenerational theft private health insurance represents.

Another CEO ‘fesses up on tax cuts

, Jan 18, 2018

Another American CEO has admitted corporate tax cuts which be used to boost share prices, not increase investment. When will Australian CEOs be as honest?

Attacks on South Sudanese cover for the Libs’ nationalist crisis

, Jan 15, 2018

The government's attacks on the South Sudanese refugee community cover the fact that the Liberal party remains committed to the drivers of resurgent nationalism: open borders and neoliberalism.

Australia’s animal welfare process is broken and corrupted

, Dec 19, 2017

The process for developing animal welfare standards for Australian industry is broken -- something the government was told a long time ago by the Productivity Commission.

We’ve achieved a ‘flexible economy’, but at what cost?

, Dec 07, 2017

Much of the big surge in jobs growth this year has come in the health sector. But it also appears to be the result of a flexible economy -- and while we've always been told that's good, it comes with its own problems.

Razer: what it means to be truly ‘stupid’ (and what we can do about it)

, Dec 05, 2017

I never supposed I would tire of calling people stupid, and yet ... Helen Razer reflects on the phenomenon of stupidity.
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If the government wants to cut taxes, it should be like Labor or Tony Abbott

, Nov 24, 2017

While insisting that Labor is the party of higher taxes, the government plans to hike taxes far above the levels even of Tony Abbott's government, let alone Julia Gillard's.