September, 2013

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Richard Farmer’s campaign bites

, Sep 05, 2013

Why can't politicians be more like honeybees?
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Buzz from the Right is wrong, to bee sure

, May 01, 2013

European bees are disappearing, and the buzz from politicians is out of line. The politics of ecological protection are fascinating, writes Crikey's man in London.

Bee invasion: flying Asian ‘cane toad’ a $6 billion threat

, Mar 02, 2011

Apiarists from around the country have descended on Canberra this week to fight the government's decision to halt its funding of the eradication of the Asian honey bee.
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How the extinction of bees could kill us all

, May 03, 2010

Bees are disappearing. Fast. But their extinction wouldn't just mean a world without honey: it would mean a world without food, clothes, flowers or birds.
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The mysterious case of the missing honeybees

, Oct 27, 2009

A new film about declining numbers of honeybees is causing a lot of buzz (sorry) that we're on the verge of a global "pollination crisis". But it's all a big myth, says New Scientist
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Bees are your friend

, Oct 05, 2009

But honey is insect vomit

British burglers steal bees for black market

, Apr 28, 2009

With a recent drop in the British bee population, thieves are stealing large numbers of honey bees from bee-keepers and possibly selling them on the black market.

State of the planet

, Aug 30, 2007

Number of the day: 300 ... 7 Ways the military is using Echo Tech ... China and Germany sign environment cooperation deal ... As bees go missing, a $9.3B crisis lurks ... Destiny USA offers preferred parking ...