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Media briefs: <em>ACA</em> conspiracy ... citing sights ... McBreakfast TV ...

Media briefs: ACA conspiracy ... citing sights ... McBreakfast TV ...

CrikeySep 26, 20132 Comments

A Current Affair has found a group of outraged ratepayers -- but it turns out they have some less-than-orthodox ideas.

Garrett's real bat problem: flying foxes set to extend the headache

Garrett's real bat problem: flying foxes set to extend the headache

by Bat Advocacy's Nick EdardsFeb 24, 20106 Comments

Pink batts aren't the only bats that will be preying on environment minister Peter Garrett's mind at the moment. A problem looms for the embattled minister in the form of flying foxes, writes Nick Edards.

Learning from animals

CrikeySep 8, 2009

Ten things that science and technology have pilfered from the animal kingdom, including bullet trains mimicked on kingfisher bills and vibrating walking sticks that copy bat technology (ever heard of 'blind as a bat'?).

Opposing windfarms on environmental grounds

Lionel Elmore writes:Oct 1, 20073 Comments

Fran Baily is standing alongside concerned residents in the battle against a Victorian windfarm project. And it may turn out her stance may be pro-environment as well as populist politics.

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