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Razer: ‘political correctness’ is a lie used to inflame Millennial-boomer warfare

July 27, 2017 4

“Political correctness” has begun to signify very little. It can now mean almost any cultural change to which one objects.

Can boomers and Millennials work together?

July 18, 2017 1

There is a need to challenge those who would have us view current economic and social transformation through the lens of generational conflict, writes Per Capita research fellow Philip Taylor.

Razer: how the fogies sold Millennials a lie, then sold them out

May 30, 2017 14

Last week, Helen Razer accepted an invitation to a Millennial Marketing conference in Melbourne’s Federation Square and, no, she doesn’t know how her name got on their list, either.

Poll Bludger: why the ageing population is about to decimate the Coalition

Poll Bludger: why the ageing population is about to decimate the Coalition

September 7, 2015 10

As baby boomers get older, they tend to keep their political beliefs. And that is bad news for conservatives.

Give nanna a job: why we must rethink ‘old age’

May 29, 2013 7

With Australians living decades longer than they ever have, our expectation that work ceases at 65 is outdated and economically unsustainable, writes Per Capita research fellow Emily Millane.

Retail 2: why it’s not as bad as we’re told

August 18, 2011 3

It's not just foreign competition and the strong dollar -- other factors are important in retail, and explain why some retailers are succeeding when others aren't.

Woodstock: Blame the boomers for not going far enough

August 17, 2009 4

The Woodstock anniversary shows once again the power of the 60s social movements. Except, the women's movement challenged the madonna/whore distinction and we ended up with post-feminism and ... Madonna.

The youth of today? Quite similar to yesterday

The youth of today? Quite similar to yesterday

August 17, 2009

The criticism of Generation Y as over communicators, incapable of political engagement or analytical thought, is all just a little bit of youth bashing history repeating, writes Barney Langford.

From free love to narcissism

August 14, 2009 18

It's forty years since Woodstock and the Summer of Love of '69. It’s little wonder that Gen Xers and Gen Ys take a jaundiced view of Woodstock nostalgia.

Baby Boom becomes Baby Bust

July 30, 2009

This year, Mercedes will sell a third fewer cars in America. Their Baby Boomer buyers have dried up. It's why many companies are now scrambling to rebrand themselves to appeal to Generations X and Y.