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Stop worrying about automation: the real problem might be too few workers

Bernard Keane September 20, 2017 17 Comments

Ignore the employment doomsayers -- chances are we're going to run out of workers before automation causes mass unemployment.

Human Services plans massive robo-debt expansion on pensioners

Josh Taylor May 19, 2017 9 Comments

The Department of Human Services will continue with plans to expand the data it uses to chase people alleged to have been paid too much welfare.

New media monitoring service wants to cut Isentia’s lunch

New media monitoring service wants to cut Isentia’s lunch

Josh Taylor March 17, 2017 1 Comment

Media monitoring just got automated.

Human Services attempts Brandisian language redefinition to explain debt notices

Josh Taylor March 9, 2017 10 Comments

Centrelink has taken to some Brandis-level redefining of the English language to claim that debt notices are just "clarification" letters.

Robots and codeine

Crikey December 22, 2016 3 Comments

Crikey readers respond to yesterday's edition.

Rundle: the automation revolution begins, with jobs mercilessly crushed beneath robotic heels

Guy Rundle December 21, 2016 25 Comments

Amazon now has a store with no shop assistants, and deliveries with no delivery drivers. It is the beginning of the end of low-skilled labour.

The frightening automation of Planet Manchester

Guy Rundle May 25, 2011 8 Comments

We have always known that -- we, who think about such things, anyway -- but the implicit assumption has always been that automation would come to industry first.