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Vanishing public servants and Schroedinger’s emails at estimates

February 27, 2018 8

Missing public servants and emails in a quantum state of flux dominated the first day of estimates.

Ex-government furniture yields bureaucratic gold for lucky journalists

February 1, 2018 32

Canberra's ex-government furniture market usually only provides pre-loved desks and chairs. For the ABC, it yielded a lot more.

Public servants ignoring the public interest in freedom of information

January 17, 2018 10

Bureaucratic efforts to undermine Freedom of Information laws by insisting it prevents "frank and fearless advice" hurts democracy and further estranges the governing class from he electorate.

When he’s not fighting homophobes, he’s fighting recalcitrant bureaucrats

December 8, 2017 4

Sick of hearing the same complaints about the Public Service over and over, one parliamentary committee is going after departments to crack down on bureaucrats who keep making the same mistakes.

Australians want bold leadership, not timid bureaucrats, says Terry Moran

November 22, 2017 1

Influential former public servant Terry Moran says Australians want a more robust public service.

Surprise, surprise: Immigration and Border Force budget blows out

November 2, 2017 8

It was supposed to save hundreds of millions, but the merger of Immigration and Customs has produced yet another huge budget blowout.

Tips and rumours

September 8, 2017 1

Is Joel Bowden mulling a political career? ... Culleton knows the law ... Guardian has it both ways ...

High Court win could further concentrate the government’s power

September 8, 2017 12

The High Court appears to have opened the way further to unchecked executive expenditure with its marriage equality decision.

Public servant social media policy unenforceable, possibly unconstitutional

August 7, 2017 5

The new Turnbull government social media policy has been criticised as an attack of freedom of speech. But does it breach the constituion?

What Mark Latham didn’t say about his ‘white male privilege’ report

July 11, 2017 6

Gender and diversity training in the APS is working, but you won't hear Mark Latham say that.