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Topic archives: Australian Federal Police

Well that didn’t take long: AWU raid turns into all-engulfing firestorm

Bernard Keane October 26, 2017 55 Comments

Not unexpectedly, the government's attempt to attack Bill Shorten via the Registered Organisations Commission has blown up spectacularly.

History shows the AWU raid could backfire for the Coalition

Bernard Keane October 25, 2017 62 Comments

The AFP raid on the AWU for a GetUp donation in 2005 has plenty of risks for a government that is developing an image of using the police to harass its opponents.

Tips and rumours

Crikey May 9, 2017 3 Comments

Money for cops? ... inland rail boondoggle ... who's that guy? ...

AFP snooped on a journo, but it was your pollies and media that let it happen

Bernard Keane May 2, 2017 6 Comments

The Australian Federal Police's casual dismissal of a serious breach of data retention laws is appropriate given the way those laws were passed.

AFP’s metadata breach shows just how ‘trustworthy’ the agency is

Josh Taylor May 1, 2017 9 Comments

The Australian Federal Police has twice, in less than a year, shown an entire lack of respect for the journalists and their sources, in defiance of the law.

AFP admits to data breach involving journalist’s phone records

AFP admits to data breach involving journalist’s phone records

Josh Taylor April 28, 2017 11 Comments

The Australian Federal Police has admitted they illegally accessed the call records of a journalist in seeking to chase down a source.

How many lives will Hanson’s bigotry cost?

Bernard Keane March 27, 2017 20 Comments

In undermining the capacity of security agencies to work effectively with Australia's Muslim communities, Pauline Hanson's vilification of Muslims increases the risk of a terror attack.

Why Australia has been so quiet on the Malaysian bribery scandal

Crikey January 25, 2017 3 Comments

Could the importance of our diplomatic relationship with Malaysia be taking precedence over the principles of criminal justice? Freelance journalist Jarni Blakkarly reports.

AFP courts white hat hackers with lame Facebook ad

Crikey December 19, 2016 1 Comment

The cybercriminal looks cooler, to be honest.

Police pursue journalists in Parliament House NBN raid

Crikey August 24, 2016 21 Comments

The Australian Federal Police have raided Parliament House as their hunt for NBN Co whistleblowers erupts into the political arena again. Bernard Keane and Josh Taylor write.