April, 2018

Poll Bludger: the winners and losers from upcoming electoral boundary changes

, Apr 16, 2018

On top of the easily quantifiable impacts on party margins and seat shares, the changes will disrupt the major parties by disturbing finely calibrated balances of factional power.

Inside the (notably low) numbers of today’s political donations dump

, Feb 01, 2018

In an off-year electorally, the political parties had a record low in donors, as business drifts away from giving money to politicians.

Could historical ministerial decisions be overturned?

, Nov 09, 2017

Legal experts explain whether or not it would be possible to question decisions of former ministers.

Poll Bludger: voters return in droves to the One Nation bandwagon

, Jun 19, 2017

After all the controversy of the past couple of months, there has been a curious resurgence in support for Pauline Hanson's One Nation.

How bad is voter fraud in Australia?

, Feb 15, 2017

Not as bad as conservatives would have you believe.

Mayne: big banks should quit making political donations

, Feb 02, 2017

The financial services sector has been revealed as the most generous industry for Australia’s political parties in the 2015-16 donations data.

Vagaries of donations data make proper scrutiny impossible

, Feb 01, 2017

Careful how you interpret the latest political donations figures -- the reporting system is so bad, it's almost impossible to keep a proper eye on the major political parties.

Let voters elect weirdos and the imperfect

, Nov 23, 2016

Constitutional rules surrounding Australian elections represent centuries-old British legal language and morality. And they should be done away with.

The Chinese surveillance company safeguarding Australian democracy

, Jul 15, 2016

A company at the very heart of the China's draconian security regime is helping guard our ballot papers, courtesy of a contract with the Australian Electoral Commission, write Bernard Keane and Asher Wolf.

Is the new Senate counting process actually transparent?

, Jul 11, 2016

The new Senate ballot counting process is efficient, but is it transparent? An anonymous election technology expert explains how the process works.