July, 2018

Media Files: TV network legend Sam Chisholm remembered

, Jul 11, 2018

Sam Chisholm is being remembered as "pugnacious", "visionary" and "larger than life".

Australian media has absolutely lost its mind for this cricket scandal

, Mar 26, 2018

Steve Smith's cheating scandal has dominated talk radio, news bulletins and all of Australia's front pages.

Is Ponting headed for the board of selectors this week?

, Nov 29, 2016

Ponting's calendar is newly freed up after he stood aside as coach of the Indian Premier League team.
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Tips and rumours

, Nov 28, 2016

Government nails down backpacker tax ... Briggs bats above ... One Nation's Christmas cheer ...
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Sisters are doing it for a fraction of the pay: how much are our female athletes earning?

, Sep 19, 2016

If you are a female athlete, which sport will pay you a living wage?

Remembering Michael “Whispering Death” Holding

, May 08, 2009

The late Bob Woolmer wrote for Cricinfo in 2007 on who was the scariest bowler he'd seen. And surprise, surprise it was Michael Holding.

All Australian cricket needs is some old blood

, Apr 27, 2009

All the current Australian cricket players are complete shit. Luckily, foxsports is on the case.

Calling for Gilly’s head is just not cricket

, Jan 25, 2008

Adam Gilchrist is not close to being the player he was – the sitter he dropped off VVS Laxman yesterday is evidence of that, writes Charles Happell. But he deserves to go out on his own terms.