March, 2014

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‘A bright future in his hands’: the rise and rise of Jokowi

, Mar 18, 2014

Jakarta's young, likeable Governor is one step closer to the presidency, with the backing of a powerful party. But Stuart Ranfurlie, a freelance journalist in Jakarta, asks: is he ready for the big league?
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We talk with Indonesia every day — but is anyone listening?

, Feb 17, 2014

Indonesian feathers have been ruffled by Australia's policy of sending back asylum seekers. Julie Bishop says our relationship with Indonesia is fine, but no one on the Indonesian side seems to agree.
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‘Abbott is never going to ride my ojek’: what Indonesians think of us

, Jan 31, 2014

Australia's relationship with Indonesia is floundering, but does that matter to average Indonesians? Australian journalism masters student Eliana Bollati hit the streets of Jakarta to find out.
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Saville’s Shout: China seeing red … art on the hoof … comma down …

, Jan 28, 2014

China is understandably angry about Australia's siding with Japan over a territorial dispute, so Abbott will have his work cut out for him in his first official visit as PM. Plus Chinese New Year art and the best of punctuation.

Relax, we are not going to war with Indonesia

, Jan 24, 2014

Crikey readers talk the dangers of weed, micro solutions for Aboriginal poverty and why we don't need to worry about Indonesia.
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Dangerous brinkmanship with Indonesia could have disastrous consequences

, Jan 24, 2014

Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison are playing a dangerous game with Indonesia. Unless someone starts taking responsibility Australia could find itself in a mess, says former diplomat Bruce Haigh.
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Indonesian lessons for choppy East Timor waters

, Dec 06, 2013

The new government is not off on the right foot in foreign policy terms, with the Indonesian spying scandal dominating headlines. But a bigger problem looms: East Timor.
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Indonesian spy row could harm beef, wheat exports

, Nov 28, 2013

Revelations that Australia spied on the Indonesian President have damaged relations with our near neighbour. And SmartCompany journalist Yolanda Redrup says it is Australian businesses that may pay the price.

How much did Abbott know and when did he know it?

, Nov 27, 2013

Crikey readers talk the Indonesian spying revelations and who has the best translation of Persian.

Does a neighbour make a friend?

, Nov 22, 2013

Crikey readers lament the passing of the second-hand bookshop and debate what Indonesia really means.