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Change the date of Australia Day for patriotism’s sake!

Crikey August 24, 2017 8 Comments

Once again the hot topic of changing the date of Australia Day has bubbled to the surface. While Turnbull says the date is intrinsically tied to Australia culture Henry Reynolds argues that most Australians don't even know what the date specifically commemorates, and if they did, might not be so keen on keeping it.

Rundle: why change on Australia Day needs to come at a national level

Guy Rundle August 22, 2017 34 Comments

While the Yarra and Darebin councils' decision to stop honouring Australia Day has the best intentions at heart, encouraging councils to act unilaterally could ultimately backfire on the campaign for an indigenous treaty.

Tips and rumours

Crikey August 17, 2017 5 Comments

Can Yarra Council refuse to hold citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day? ... Penny Wong meets B1 and B2 ... Rob Mitchell's (literal) tinfoil hat ...

Culleton has left the building

Crikey January 27, 2017

Sunrise, sunset.

Courage under fire: the life of a war correspondent

Crikey January 27, 2017

Tasmanian cinematographer David Brill has been to just about every major conflict in the past 30 years, writes freelance journalist John Martinkus.

Fuck off, we’re full (of contradictions): the discontents of Australia Day

Bernard Keane January 25, 2017 33 Comments

Australia Day, nationalism and citizenship have become political tools, but Australia's reliance on immigration exposes the tensions of January 26.

When should Australia Day be, if not January 26?

Crikey Intern January 24, 2017 19 Comments

Varied academics and ambassadors still struggle to reach a consensus on an appropriate Australia Day … day, writes Crikey intern Harrison Johnstone.

Video of the day: no Sam Kekovich in new Australia Day ad, but it causes a stir

Video of the day: no Sam Kekovich in new Australia Day ad, but it causes a stir

Crikey January 12, 2017 7 Comments

Last year, BuzzFeed was leaked a copy of the script, and reported that Aboriginal actors had distanced themselves from the production.

Essential: Aussies don’t want King Charles

Essential: Aussies don’t want King Charles

Bernard Keane February 2, 2016 7 Comments

Support for a republic is down, and voters are unenthusiastic about other changes like the flag or Australia Day, today's Essential Report reveals.

Don’t diss blackspot funding

Crikey January 29, 2016 5 Comments

Crikey readers discuss funding and other issues of the day.