October, 2013

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Mind the gap: will Tony Abbott blaze a trail in indigenous affairs?

, Oct 07, 2013

Jon Altman, a professor at ANU's Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, decodes Tony Abbott's claim to be the prime minister for indigenous affairs. Will he deliver?

When Rudd goes, it will be kicking and screaming

, May 10, 2010

The weirdest news story of the week has been Kevin Rudd’s promise that, if re-elected this year, he will serve out the full three years of his next term. Well golly gosh and stuff me up a dead bear’s bum. Did anyone seriously imagine otherwise?

In politics, it does matter if you’re black or white

, Sep 01, 2009

Why are democratic elections banned and women representation reduced to 50% in the new indigenous advisory body? It's different rules for indigenous and non-indigenous politics, writes Stephen Hagan.

New indigenous advisory body, just don’t call it ATSIC

, Aug 26, 2009

A new independent indigenous body will elect it's own representatives, with a 50:50 gender split, from Aboriginal organisations. But unlike it's predecessor ATSIC, its primary focus will be advocacy.

The PM and Aboriginal Australia — a timeline

, Oct 12, 2007

John Howard's brush with Aboriginal Australia -- a timeline.

Comments, corrections, clarifications, and c*ckups

, Sep 18, 2007

NT intervention ... A Google election ... turning off the election ... Kirribilli house - yours for $15 ... One-Two-Go crash ... Greenspan ... Flint ... Crikey ME07 T-shirts ...

Spin v reality: Alice anger over intervention legislation

, Aug 16, 2007

A fiery public meeting of 300 people in Alice Springs yesterday was told by Indigenous leader Pat Turner that the Federal Government’s intervention legislation was “a national shame”, writes Graham Ring from Alice Springs.

Crikey Policy Comparison Pt 4: Indigenous affairs

, Aug 08, 2007

The government's 500 page bill on the Indigenous intervention raced through the lower house of federal parliament and stopped to catch its breath -- albeit fleetingly -- in a senate committee before becoming law. So how do the two major parties differ on the issue?

The left defend failure – and fail to respond

, Jun 26, 2007

Guy Rundle and the facile left have long since decided that militant Islam’s hatred of America more than compensated for its hatred of democracy, diversity and tolerance. They apply the same reasoning at home, so it’s no surprise to learn that they aren’t prepared to slaughter their sacred cows for the sake of a few boong kids.

Jon Altman: Yet another failed Howard experiment in indigenous affairs?

, Jun 22, 2007

Compared with the period 1991-96, the early Howard years of 1996-2001 indicated that, in relative terms, indigenous socioeconomic status, as measured by health, housing, education and employment indicators, was declining. Later this year, we will have 2006 census data that will provide evidence about how the Howard Government has fared in its later, perhaps last, years, writes Jon Altman.