July, 2018

National security can no longer be a matter of ‘just trust us’

, Jul 11, 2018

Our national security agencies need to work harder to get information used to underpin decision into the public domain.

Half a billion extra on national security and the government won’t tell us why

, May 10, 2018

The government is treating us with contempt by racking up hundreds of millions of dollars of extra national security spending without debate or transparency.

Keane: no politician has the spine to stand up to Australia’s intelligence state

, Dec 21, 2017

As the case of Witness K has made clear, if you stand up against Australia's intelligence apparatus you will be crushed, and elected officials will fall in line.

Former spook David Irvine appointed to head up FIRB

, Apr 10, 2017

Irvine has no business or financial experience of any kind.
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Tips and rumours

, Oct 28, 2016

Spooks and stories ... Agriculture's Se7enish turn ... Dreamworld's nightmare ...

Meet the candidates for DFAT’s top job

, Jun 10, 2016

Giving the top job to a former spy chief would upset a lot of Australia's neighbours, but it's a distinct possibility.

Witness K gets international recognition

, May 09, 2016

It’s one of the more disgraceful, and criminally underreported, examples of the current government’s war on whistleblowers (and one entirely supported by Labor): the harassment of Witness K, the former ASIS agent who revealed ASIS’ illegal bugging of the East Timorese government in 2004 for the benefit of Australian resources companies. Later today, Witness K’s […]
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WikiLeaks: what Australia got from the NSA’s commercial spying

, Jun 30, 2015

The vast mass surveillance system established by the National Security Agency and its partners like Australia aren't about stopping terrorist attacks but about helping our companies make a buck. New documents from WikiLeaks show how.

Farewell to respect for the rule of law

, Jun 15, 2015

Crikey readers discuss Julie Bishop's leadership potential and other issues of the day.
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Open and shut: ASIS’ crime, and the Labor-Liberal cover-up

, Jun 12, 2015

Our foreign spy agency blatantly broke the law in 2004 when it bugged the East Timorese cabinet. But those who lawfully revealed it have been smeared and attacked.