December, 2017

Razer: on the ethics and possibility of enjoying good art by bad men

, Dec 07, 2017

The minute you consider enjoyment unethical, you open the risk of craving it for unsound reasons.
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That’s not what I meant! Beware the deceptive pull quote

, Mar 10, 2015

What to do when "an extraordinary disappointment" in your review becomes "Extraordinary!" on the side of the theatre.
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Theatre reviewer’s curtain call shows bare stage of criticism

, Dec 14, 2012

Australia's best blog devoted to theatre criticism has frozen in time. There are fewer opportunities for thoughtful arts criticism, robbing culture of important conversations.

Robert Hughes, an obituary

, Aug 07, 2012

Driven creator, towering stylist, often insufferable, it is impossible to imagine either Australia or modern art without Robert Hughes.
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Arts editor shits on theatre blogging, flame war ensues

, Feb 10, 2012

The Global Mail opened its coverage of Australian arts on Monday with a curious piece from Stephen Crittenden about theatre blogging. Online writers haven't stopped talking about it since.

The problem of being exceptional

, Oct 21, 2011

Excellence. It might be a goal of our national cultural policy, but do we really know what it means?

Book people face audience verdict: “Boring”

, Sep 08, 2010

While Rome fiddles, book people burn. A brief illustrated report on a small but critical event beyond Canberra, by W H Chong.

It’s just not critic(al)

, Jun 23, 2010

As a form, the newspaper theatre review is not without its charm. But it is a problematic form, particularly since it is the priority of that review form to give judgement, writes Andrew Furhmann.

Marieke Hardy: Bill Henson is a wimp and Australia is to blame

, May 11, 2010

Bill Henson's controversial photos of naked children whipped the public into a frenzy back in 2008 and sadly the madness has dulled his work, writes Marieke Hardy.