May, 2018

Hinch’s Senate Diary: tragedy and farce at the Anzac Day dawn service

, May 03, 2018

Witnessing the Anzac Day dawn service at Villers Bretonneux was a huge honour, as was awkwardly waiting in line at the portaloo with the next King of England.

Deadly day for Afghan journos … Alan Jones in defamation case … BuzzFeed’s new politics show …

, May 01, 2018

Alan Jones is in Brisbane to defend a defamation case brought against him relating to his coverage of the 2011 Queensland Floods. And other media stories of the day.

Fairfax’s mammoth apology for historian’s Anzac Day feature

, Apr 30, 2018

Fairfax has had to fall on its bayonet over a falsified speech by John Monash at Villers-Brettoneux . The ABC is still "reviewing" its content.

Crikey roundtable: how should we feel about Anzac Day?

, Apr 24, 2018

To mark Australia's most revered holiday, Crikey correspondents discuss the personal tensions, contradictions, and cultural implications of celebrating Anzac Day in modern Australia.

The forgotten Anzac Day protests of the ’80s

, Apr 24, 2018

The 1980s heralded a swell of protests highlighting the treatment of women in war, and the role of rape as a weapon. Decades later, the problem is still invisible.

Vanstone on Abdel-Magied: a case study of an illiberal liberal

, May 10, 2017

Amanda Vanstone's Monday column in The Age manages to be the worst thing in the paper, a ramble about Yassmin Abdel-Magied.
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Hinch’s Senate Diary: ‘Free the weed!’ and other things I never thought I’d yell

, May 04, 2017

Including also, scenes from a bong-throwing competition.

Abdel-Magied Anzac furore indicates a dark turn in the culture wars

, May 03, 2017

The trouble is that these contentless outrages are lit up in a society whose main problem now is a lack of shared meaning.

Attack on Yassmin Abdel-Magied is the act of myth-loving, right-wing cowards

, Apr 28, 2017

The "ferrdom!" brigade do not appear to have realised -- or perhaps do not care -- that any attempt to enforce a set of "national values" around Anzac, has, as its by-product, a reinforcement of the idea that the state could and should be co-opted into doing so.

The Diggers didn’t die for bloody Muslims to have freedom of speech

, Apr 28, 2017

It is apt that we've commemorated an unprovoked attack on a Muslim country in 1915 with unprovoked attacks on Muslim women. Anzac Day is about enforcing a white, imperialist narrative.